Folsom Winter Criterium

Posted by on 2/13/2018

Folsom Winter Crit


Cat 2/3 Race

Matt Tufts and Cameron Hawk started off the day by racing the Category 2/3 race.  Cameron is a new Cat 2 and both are looking for upgrade points toward their Category 1 designation.  

In the finishing laps, Matt sacrificed himself to keep the 50+ rider field together. On the last lap, a solo rider got away, and the boys had to be smart and not waste their energy to bring back the solo rider. Matt Tufts took over the front going into the last corner with Cameron in tow. Matt’s effort allowed Cameron to win the field sprint for 2nd overall almost catching the solo lead rider at the finish. Matt was able to hold onto 4th overall.  It was a great way to start the day for the team!

Pro 1/2 Race

The pro field was stacked!

The race was fast and every team tried countless times to take control and establish a breakaway. Our team plan was to keep the field together and set up Matt Chatlaong for the sprint. The team did an awesome job following and covering every move. After 40 fast hard minutes of racing, our strategy was paying off as other teams started becoming discouraged from the strength of our riders. 

Coming into the final laps, a field split occurred with 15 to 18 riders.  OVCB had two riders representing in the break, but our goal was a field sprint win. With 2 laps to go, the guys got all together in the field and lined up to take control. Bobby Terra took the front bringing back the break. Once Bobby was gassed, Timmy took over an lead the field storming past the break and into the final lap. Timmy was able to reach the first corner before running out of gas. With 3/4’s of a lap left another team took control of the front allowing Matt Tufts, Josh & Matt Chat to come up the outside with a huge acceleration by Matt Tufts. Then, Josh Carling lead into the final corner performing a perfect lead out for Matt Chatlaong. Matt Hit the font with 300 meters left with a huge advantage to bring home the first Pro 1/2 Win for Oak Valley Community Bank Elite Cycling!

It was an awesome performance by each of riders and a very special win for Matt. Here is a quick quote from Matt “this was the most meaningful win I've ever had in bike racing. You guys all sacrificed for the plan, and it was a killer finish.... this made me love bikes a lot more today. Thank you.” (Matt Chatlaong)

Thank you for your support!

Timmy B

Cal Aggie Criterium - A New Season!

Posted by on 1/29/2018
The season kicked off last weekend in Sacramento at the Davis Aggie Criterium located at Land Park.   The teams intent was to use this event as training.   Our goal was to learn how to work together as a cohesive unit.

Note: Congrats to Cameron Hawk, our young gun, for winning the Cat 3 race and moving to a Cat 2.   He is a huge young talent with an amazing future. 

Race report supplied by Timmy Bauer.

Cal Aggie Crit
Teammates 7
59 Racers
Results:  Matt Chatlaong 5th, Josh Carling 6th, Kevin Tufts, 12th
The Davis Aggie course is fast, open, long, offers 6 corners, includes a chicane and a sharp technical U turn. The OVCB Elite Cycling was excited to get out and race our bikes, work together as a team and see what opportunities arise.

Around 20 minutes into the race,  a two rider move got free up the road.  Our sprinter Matt Chatlaong told me to move forward and bring some time back on the two riders. I grabbed my teammate Cameron Hawk on the way up to the front. As we reached the front of the race, our teammate, Josh Carling, also moved to the front and raised the pace.
  From what I could tell he wasn’t trying to attack but he flew by the peloton.  He looked back and realized he had a gap.    I slowed up right away hoping the gap would expand.    Two additional riders attacked to join Josh with Matt Chatlaong following creating a 4 man breakaway.   The 4 riders caught the front 2 riders creating a 6 man break off the front.      We were in a great position as our 2 best sprinters were in a winning break .    The remaining OVCB riders just maintained position towards the front, and made sure no attack went up the road to join the 6 rider break.   The gap grew to 35 seconds.   At this point, the race was effectively over and the peloton was racing for 7th place.  
Around 10 laps to go Matt Tufts & I discussed taking control of the field and leading out one of our riders for the field sprint. With 6 riders up the road, the field sprint was a great opportunity to practice a lead out and work together. We came up with a plan on the fly, Kevin Tufts would be our “sprinter”.  My job was to gather everyone up & and bring them to the front. I moved around the peloton and made sure we were all on the same page and knew the plan. With 5 laps to go we were all together just waiting in the wings to take over the front. With 6 of us all in a line it made all the other riders nervous and jumpy.
The next few laps were a bit stressful keeping position and our team together. With 3 to go we had no choice, but to ride the front for a bit. Bobby Terra and I held the front until we could get in behind another team. Right then attacks flew and things were back in our favor. Coming to the last lap I was 2nd wheel with everyone with all 6 ovcb riders in tow. I Took over on the headwind stretch and strung the field out I heard Matt T yell “Up Up!!”   Right then, two of our riders had to pull out of line behind. This left us with only 4 riders including myself.  I got out of the saddle and increased the pace even more. I was able to hold the front all the way to the U turn. Then Bobby took over with Matt T & Kevin in tow.  From there Kevin was able to get to the line first from our team. 
It was really cool working together and performing a good lead out we learned some new things and gain a lot of experience! It was a success even for us and will help us in the future races perform even better as a team. Thank you for reading and your support of OVCB Elite Cycling  

Note:   Matt Chatlaong and Josh ended 5th and 6th in the break.   Typically, Matt and Josh would go 1/2 out of a break like this.   However, the boys are getting used to racing together (that's why we do early season races), made a couple tactical errors and ended 5th and 6th.   Lessons learned.  

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