Wheel System 22

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Wheel System 22
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The Williams 22s are designed to be some of the fastest, lightest alloy wheels around. By creating a light design with a dependable alloy construction we've produced the ultimate climbing wheelset. The 1489g weight is impressively light, but the true beauty of the design is the location of the weight. The low profile niobium alloy rims laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes keep the rotating mass of the 22s to the bare minimum, which means these beauties accelerate unlike any other alloy wheels. The 22s are built with our Virgo hubs that feature wicked-fast 10 degree engagement and come standard with dual seal bearings that lower rolling resistance, heighten stiffness, and increase durability. 

Being able to control a wheelset in various conditions is very important to ride quality and essential for rider confidence. Our updated rim utilizes a U-shaped design allowing for enhanced aerodynamics while providing more stable and predictable ride characteristics.

The 22s are the total package, and you'll know it the first time you stand on the pedals. For the climber who wants to accelerate like a rocket and glide uphill; for the racer who wants to rail the corners and then come blasting out of them, the 22s are your wheels.


Wheelset comes with:
  • Front wheel
  • Rear wheel
  • Rim strips
  • Quick release skewers
  • 190 max rider weight limit
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