Maxim ACS

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Maxim ACS
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Stiff, light and strong, the Maxim ACS embodies all the qualities we strive for in our Alloy Competition Series. Because we use a high grade aluminum alloy and an aggressive design we're able to offer a bar that is stiff, strong, and durable but still weighs in between 20 to 40 grams lighter than our competitors' bars.

Over the last few years the compact design has become the most popular on the market, and we decided to use this shape for two reasons. First, the compact design will fit the greatest number of riders, and second the tight design produces a much stiffer, stronger bar. We've also given the Maxim ACS a 4° flare at the ends. This creates a more natural position in the drops, allowing riders to spend more time in the aero position before fatiguing, and also provides clearance for the forearms while sprinting.

The ovalized, ergonomic tops of the Maxim ACS greatly increase comfort, and a slight groove in the underside of the bar helps facilitate cable routing. Packed with features at a weight that rivals some popular carbon bars, the Maxim ACS is cycling's new go to handlebar.

  • High Grade 7050 aluminum alloy for light weight and high strength
  • Ovalized ergonomic tops for increased comfort
  • Assisted Cable Routing
  • The most popular compact reach and drop
  • Aerobar compatible

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