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NOTE: Williams "W" Hub: Hidden Seal - 10sp No Longer Available

Purchasing a replacement freehub body.  

Step 1. Determine the freehub body style you currently have.  Follow the instructions below.
  1. Remove cassette
  2. Determine the logo on your rear hub shell and match design with the above chart.
  3. View your freehub body to determine design.  From here , you may know what design freehub body you have and can order a replacement from this page. 
    • If you cannot determine your freehub body design, you may need to remove the freehub body and view the back for confirmation.   To do this, unthread the "freehub body" side end cap, pull off the existing freehub body and view the back side.

Step 2.  Order replacement onthis page.  We will ship "how to swap a freehub body" instructions with freehub body

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