Force CCS +/- 6 degree

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Force CCS +/- 6 degree
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You don't see the pros racing full carbon stems, and there's a reason for that. Right now you can't get a full carbon stem to perform anywhere near as well as naked alloy, but that doesn't mean there's no place for carbon in stem construction.

With the Force CCS we take an already strong, light 3d forged and CNC machined stem and use our Carbon Alloy Bonding (CAB) process to wrap it in high modulus UD carbon. This process takes an already solid stem and ratchets the stiffness up to the next level. And when you pair that with our oversized 4-bolt faceplate you get one of the stiffest, strongest stems on the market. Six titanium bolts keep the weight of this stem down to an impressive 117g (110mm).

The whole stem is finished with a gloss clear coat over unidirectional carbon, making it as fetching as it is functional. For those of you who demand the highest performance and the looks to match it, look no further than the Force CCS.

  • CAB Matrix for ultimate strength or carbon alloy bonded matix
  • Titanium bolts
  • Oversized faceplate
  • Stunning UD carbon finish
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