Elan CCS

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Elan CCS
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The Elan CCS is the pinnacle of carbon handlebar technology. Using the highest quality carbon fiber we've created a bar with incredible stiffness and durability in a 190g, ultralight package. Imagine a bar that’s light enough to keep your bike flirting with the UCI weight limit, but still so stiff that in the next sprint you'll feel like you and your bike are a single entity.

But it's the attention to detail that makes the Elan CCS truly special. Hidden, guttered routing keeps cables secure and out of the way so they don't affect the feel of the bar. Textured clamping patches for the stem and levers mean no slipping. The unidirectional carbon finish is simply stunning.

The Elan CCS features a compact bend with an abbreviated reach and drop making it easier for riders to reach the levers from the drops. It also has slightly ovalized tops for increased comfort, and an elongated clamping section to accommodate clip-on aerobars. Yes, the Elan CCS truly is the full package, and at $179 no other bar in the market can even come close.

  • High modulus carbon fiber
  • Sub 200g
  • Hidden cable routing
  • Textured clamping areas
  • Aerobar compatible

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