land Park Crit and Bariani Road Race

Posted by on 3/14/2017

Race: Land Park Criterium
Date: Saturday 3/11/2017
Racers:  Josh Carling, Bobby Tera, Timmy Bauer, Sam Hill, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts

Course:  1mile+ Criterium in downtown Sacramento

Race Plan:  Keep the race together and save Bobby and Josh for the sprint finish.   This course is perfect for a late attack from Bobby and/or a sprint win for Josh.  Timmy, Sam, Kevin and Matt would cover all attacks.

Race went as planned.  All moves were covered.  With five laps to go, our riders started to find each other and setup for the sprint.  With three laps to go, we were all together and near the front as a team.  Three laps to go and approaching the chicane section on the back end of the course, all heck broke loose and there was a crash.  The crash took out four of our six riders.  Race Over.   These things happen. We are lucky our riders were not hurt, just a few scratches etc…  We will live to fight another day.


Race: Bariani Road Race  70 miles, five lap circuit - 14 miles per lap
Date: Sunday 3/12/2017
Racers:  Josh Carling, Bobby Tera, Timmy Bauer, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts

A typical Bariani day…windy, bad roads and a suffer fest.

Race plan.   Get into a break, hope it sticks with the right combination teams represented and ride hard.  

A course like Bariani can be very tricky.  Riders have to be ultra-aggressive and willing to take chances to make it to the end.   This course has a nasty cross wind section and narrow roads. A rider must push to the front and be ready to fight for position in the cross winds or they will find themselves spit out the back as the peleton forms echelons.  If a rider is strung out at the back of an echelon, kiss your race goodbye.

Josh, Bobby and Timmy took turns trying to get into a meaningful break.  Nothing was sticking.   At the end of three laps, six riders went up the road.  Williams was not represented in the move.  Josh got into a chase group, crossed half the one minute gap to the leaders but could not close.  The chase group came back to the peleton.  At two laps to go, one rider from the lead break blew-up and returned to the peleton.  Now there were five riders up the road with a one minute gap.  Tons of attacks from the remaining 25 riders in the peleton.  Nothing was sticking and the front five riders still had a one minute gap. 

Two laps to go, race is intensely hard, we lose Matt, Kevin and Timmy.   It’s just Josh and Bobby and a small peleton of 20 riders.  Another rider blows up out of the front break.  There are just four riders up the road with the same one minute gap.   At eight kilometers to go, only 10 riders left in the peleton and the gap is down to 30 seconds.   Josh and Bobby are still in the peleton.  Five kilometers to go and one rider from the peloton attacks and slips away.  Bobby attacks and attempts to bridge.  It’s now four riders in the break with less than 30 seconds, one rider crossing the gap and Bobby just behind burying himself to get on the back of the break.  Bobby runs out of real estate and places sixth just a few seconds behind the winning break.   Josh comes across in eighth. 

In the end, we put two riders in the top eight.   Bobby picked up some more points for his Cat one upgrade and Josh proves once again why he is one of the best in NorCal.   I consider this a great day for the team.


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