Winchester Circuit Rae / RKO Tempus Fugit TT

Posted by on 3/28/2017
The team really had a great weekend.

NOTE:  This coming Sunday, the team will travel to Visalia for a big money criterium. I will be there with display and team setup.   Will be fun. 

Winchester Circuit race

Date: 3/25/2017
Riders:  Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

Race:  Cat 2/3

Great course.   Hilly!  Up or down with no flat sections.

The pace started out fast.   Within the first few miles Matt & Kevin Tuffs launched a good move to take some pressure off Bobby & I. Kevin and Matt stayed off the front leading into “the big descent” (I reached speeds of 60mph).  The field came back together at the bottom.   Then comes a 6 to 7 minute climb that reaches a max 18% grade.  At the top, Bobby attacked hard.   One rider went with him and they slipped off the front.  Matt, Kevin and I kept an eye on the field.   We would not allow another move to bridge up to Bobby unless we were in tow. 

Over the next two laps, Bobby’s gap grew to 20 – 45 seconds.   This played into our hands as we did not have to spend energy on the front and could wait for the fireworks to start as the race entered the last couple laps.   Sure enough, with two laps to go, a world class mtb rider for Giant Bicycles tested the front of the peloton with an acceleration.   I noticed right away I was the only one to respond. I knew he was going to go sooner or later so I kept my eye on him.

It’s now the last lap of the race.   Mtb guy and I were both at the front entering the climb.  Bobby and his break away partner were still up the road with a 40 second gap.  As expected, mtb guy attacked.  We hit the climb hard and reached the top in 5 ½ minutes (a strava record for this climb).  I looked back realized it was only mtb guy and me.   We closed the gap to Bobby near the top of the climb,  With 3/4’s of a lap to go, we were a group of four riders with a minute over the main field.  From there on it was acceleration after acceleration.  Bobby and I managed to survive the attacks but I could tell that Bobby was tired after being off the front for most of the race. Coming into the final ascent to the line, mtb guy attacked and I followed.   At 150 meters to go, I started my sprint.  I was under geared and botched the sprint a bit. Two riders came around me at the line.  Bobby came in right behind for fourth. It was a great result for both of us on a very hard course! 

Thanks for reading,

Timmy B


Winchester Circuit Race
Date: 3/25/2017

Pro 1/2 Race

Riders:  Josh Carling and Timmy Bauer

The break between the Cat 2/3 race and P/1/2 race was only 28 minutes.  Yikes!  I had to recover and mentally prepare to “get after it” again for six more laps of hard racing.   Luckily, if things went south for me, we had a fresh Josh, who as you know, can take care of himself in any race!

Evan Huffman showed up for this race   Evan is a world class rider who has spent a couple years in Europe racing at the world tour level.   He now races for Rally Pro Cycling.  

I had faith in Josh I told him before I would do everything I could to help him. It was a smaller field so I knew I had to take up the initiative to set most of the pace that would best suit Josh. Basically from the gun I lead keeping things steady, insuring there were not to many acceleration throughout the course saving Josh's legs for when it mattered and the break went.

After leading the group for 3 laps another pro rider racing with a UK license decided it was time to attack on the main climb.  Josh was on my wheel with Huffman in tow.    I knew I had to get across the gap to the UK rider.   I put my head down and dug real deep. I managed to make it across to the UK rider bringing Josh and Huffman with me.   I pulled right and looked at Josh.  Josh looked solid.   Not me!   I was cooked and blew up.  I was deep in the pain cave after all the tempo I had done plus the previous race.  My legs were yelling quit now sucker. I chose to keep going!  I sat up and waited for the second group to come up.  I sat in with the second group and tried to recover.

With two laps to go and Josh up the road in the front group, I knew I could sit in and wait for the second group sprint.   Since only three riders were in the front break, there was still two spots left on the podium.  I was hurting but decided to hang in there and throw one last effort down in the sprint.    

With 150 meters to go, I launched my sprint.  At 100 meters, one rider came around me.    I slowing reeled him back in at the line and it came down to a bike throw!  He edged me out for fourth.   I made the podium in fifth.  I was still very happy with that! Another Williams rider on the podium! It was a great day of racing for all of us. Josh ended up 3rd overall and I got to get on the podium once again with some of the best racers in the US.

Thanks for reading,

 Timmy B



RKO Tempus Fugit TT
Rider:  Timmy Bauer
Date:  3/26/2017

I am a glutton for punishment.   I doubled up and did two TT’s on Sunday.   Placed second overall. 

Timmy B

Wards Ferry Road Race and Red Kite Criterium

Posted by on 3/20/2017
Wards Ferry Road Race
Pro 1/2

Sonora CA

Riders:  Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

The day started early with a morning drive down highway 49 to the small town of Sonora for one of the best NorCal road races. Dani (wife) and I arrived and parked next to my teammate Bobby Terra.  We prepared for a very hard day in the saddle.   The course was 70 miles with over 8,000 feet of climbing and attracts some of the best climbers in northern California. The race starts off with a two mile neutral section then on to a six lap, 11 mile course.

I rolled off the front on the first lap descent. This was not planned.   Sometimes, my aggressive riding style leads to these situations so I just went with it.     I hit the main climb with a gap but used it to go slow, save energy and allow the peloton to catch me.   Bobby went on the attack once the catch was made.   We had 65 miles to go so no one rider followed Bob’s move.  Bob got a gap and put 30 seconds into the peloton entering lap two. This was great!   Other teams had to work at the front to keep Bob close.   I was able to sit near the front and save energy.    On this course, saving energy is a must because there are no flat areas and over 1000 ft of climbing per lap.

I continued to do my best to conserve energy while Bobby was out front riding hard. At the start of lap three Bobby had 50 seconds on the peloton. Teams kicked up the pace to real Bobby’s threat back.   Bobby eventually was pulled back to the peloton late into lap three.  

Starting lap four, Bobby attacked the field with another rider.   Once again, great for me because other teams would have to chase and I would get a free ride.   With a lap and a half to go, Bobby and the other rider came back to the peloton.   I could feel the nervousness within the peloton.  Those who still had legs were unwilling to let more moves slide off the front.   In other words, no more slipping off the front without a fight.

At the start of lap six, a solo rider attacked and got a gap.    Coming to the feed zone, I heard Bobby from behind yell “Go Timmy”. Two riders attacked and I followed.  We got a gap and were off.     We caught the one solo rider.  This made four, with two from the same team.   After a few attacks, our lead group split into two groups of two.   I was red lining and could not make it into the front group.   That left two off the front, two behind and the peloton farther back.   Two more riders attacked the peloton and bridged up to my chase group.

I attacked the chase group and bridged to the front group.  With 4 miles to go we were now playing cat and mouse. This is where bike racing gets dicey.   If we play games in the front group, other groups will catch us.   Sure enough, the remaining three riders in the chase group caught us.   With three miles to go we were now a group of six.  At one kilometer to go, we were all looking at each other wondering who would attack first. I sat second wheel as we approached 500 meters to go.  The guy on my wheel was constantly looking back waiting for an attack from behind.    As he was looking behind, I started to pull away.    I dropped the hammer knowing it was a bit early but hoping I could catch everyone off guard. With 200 meters I was full gas. With 150 meters I saw one rider come past with another on his wheel.  I continued to go full gas. With 50 meters to go I was exhausted but continued to somehow turn over the peddles. I could hear cheers from my family and my teammate, who had stopped the lap before to save for Sundays racing. I made it to the line for third place.

This was a huge result for me! It was such a fun day on the bike! Thanks to my team mate Bobby & race crew (wife & daughter). 

Thank you for reading and thank you to my sponsors and supporters!

Timmy Bauer   


Red Kite Criterium

Sonora CA

Riders:  Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

It was Timmy’s turn to pay Bob back for the Wards Ferry Road Race!  

Aggressive fun racing.   Three major breaks in the first half of the race.  Bobby was in every break.   All were too big.   Some riders were willing to work while other riders were not.  This typically leads to confusion and failure.   Ultimately, all were brought pack to the peloton.   With 8 laps to go, a group of two riders were up the road.   Bob called Timmy to the front of the peloton.   The plan was simple.  Timmy would attacked with everything he had.  Bob would sit on his wheel.   Timmy’s job was to take Bob across the gap to the break.   Timmy got Bob ¾ of the way before he blew.   Bob crossed the remaing ¼ on his own while Timmy went back to the peloton to block.   Now there were three riders up the road including Bob.  With one to go, the cat and mouse game begin.   The three riders positioned themselves for the three up sprint.   No one wanted to lead it out.  At times they were three across waiting for someone to go.   The peloton was coming up fast.   Bob made his move with 300 meters to go.  He came around the final turn with a gap of four bike lengths and held it to the line for the win.  

Fantastic team win.   Bobby gets the win and Timmy gets Bob into the final break.   This is what teammates are about.  Selfless racing is winning racing.  


land Park Crit and Bariani Road Race

Posted by on 3/14/2017

Race: Land Park Criterium
Date: Saturday 3/11/2017
Racers:  Josh Carling, Bobby Tera, Timmy Bauer, Sam Hill, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts

Course:  1mile+ Criterium in downtown Sacramento

Race Plan:  Keep the race together and save Bobby and Josh for the sprint finish.   This course is perfect for a late attack from Bobby and/or a sprint win for Josh.  Timmy, Sam, Kevin and Matt would cover all attacks.

Race went as planned.  All moves were covered.  With five laps to go, our riders started to find each other and setup for the sprint.  With three laps to go, we were all together and near the front as a team.  Three laps to go and approaching the chicane section on the back end of the course, all heck broke loose and there was a crash.  The crash took out four of our six riders.  Race Over.   These things happen. We are lucky our riders were not hurt, just a few scratches etc…  We will live to fight another day.


Race: Bariani Road Race  70 miles, five lap circuit - 14 miles per lap
Date: Sunday 3/12/2017
Racers:  Josh Carling, Bobby Tera, Timmy Bauer, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts

A typical Bariani day…windy, bad roads and a suffer fest.

Race plan.   Get into a break, hope it sticks with the right combination teams represented and ride hard.  

A course like Bariani can be very tricky.  Riders have to be ultra-aggressive and willing to take chances to make it to the end.   This course has a nasty cross wind section and narrow roads. A rider must push to the front and be ready to fight for position in the cross winds or they will find themselves spit out the back as the peleton forms echelons.  If a rider is strung out at the back of an echelon, kiss your race goodbye.

Josh, Bobby and Timmy took turns trying to get into a meaningful break.  Nothing was sticking.   At the end of three laps, six riders went up the road.  Williams was not represented in the move.  Josh got into a chase group, crossed half the one minute gap to the leaders but could not close.  The chase group came back to the peleton.  At two laps to go, one rider from the lead break blew-up and returned to the peleton.  Now there were five riders up the road with a one minute gap.  Tons of attacks from the remaining 25 riders in the peleton.  Nothing was sticking and the front five riders still had a one minute gap. 

Two laps to go, race is intensely hard, we lose Matt, Kevin and Timmy.   It’s just Josh and Bobby and a small peleton of 20 riders.  Another rider blows up out of the front break.  There are just four riders up the road with the same one minute gap.   At eight kilometers to go, only 10 riders left in the peleton and the gap is down to 30 seconds.   Josh and Bobby are still in the peleton.  Five kilometers to go and one rider from the peloton attacks and slips away.  Bobby attacks and attempts to bridge.  It’s now four riders in the break with less than 30 seconds, one rider crossing the gap and Bobby just behind burying himself to get on the back of the break.  Bobby runs out of real estate and places sixth just a few seconds behind the winning break.   Josh comes across in eighth. 

In the end, we put two riders in the top eight.   Bobby picked up some more points for his Cat one upgrade and Josh proves once again why he is one of the best in NorCal.   I consider this a great day for the team.



Snelling Road Race

Posted by on 3/6/2017

Snelling RR P/1/2:

Selling Road Race is a Northern California spring classic.   Many top US Pro and Elite teams use this race as early season training prior to launching their North American or Europe campaign.

Large budget Pro and Elite teams in attendance:  Rally Pro Cycling, Herbalife Elite, Mikes Bikes Elite, Specialized / Muscle Milk Elite, Cyclesport Elite and Cliff Bar Elite. 

To break the top 10 in a race like this is a huge accomplishment for any team from Northern California.   I am happy to say that Josh Carling placed 8th. I can’t express enough how proud I am of our team.  

Report from Josh Carling:

Williams Cycling was well represented with Matt Tufts, Bobby Terra, Timmy Bauer and myself.

We were lucky to start in the second wave just after noon and it was probably the best weather we've had this winter. I came prepared for nasty conditions, but ended up needing just bib and jersey. After a good hard warm up with the guys, we lined up with a group of seriously talented cyclists. Rally, Mikes Bikes, Herbalife, Cyclesport and others were very well represented. We knew before the start that we would have our hands full. As we rolled out, I had a nice chat with Tom Soladay from Rally. He told me about some of the training they've experienced over the last couple weeks in NorCal. They have ridden some of the best mountain roads that we have in our area as they prepare for racing in Europe in the next couple of months. He told me how shattered he was from some monster days, and that he was looking forward to a much needed day off. He asked about the Williams Cycling team and specifically about the Williams brand. I told him about how we are trying to develop a team with a mix of older experienced riders, with some talented youngsters and truly work together and race as a team. I also told him how supportive Keith Williams has been to me over the years, even when I wasn't on a team that he sponsored. That is a huge part of why I jumped at the opportunity to help Keith start a small elite program to develop on the local level in the NCNCA and hopefully beyond in the future. Anyway, back to the race.

The race was on as soon as we hit the course. A break formed on the first lap with 2 Rally's, a Herbalife and a Mikes. When the Herbalife rider was dropped from the break early into lap two, I knew the Herbalife team would either chase or attack to bridge a rider back up into the break. I told Timmy to be ready to follow. Herbalife tried unsuccessfully several times to get someone across.  Our guys followed several times, but we didn't want to do the work for Herbalife. When there was a lull in the pace, and it seemed Herbalife was pulling their guys off the front, I found myself out front with a gap. I put my head down and continued to push. One rider came across to me and after trading several pulls, we were within 5 seconds of the break. I came around to take my pull and gave everything I could and caught the leaders. My chase companion blew up and couldn't make it across. After sitting at the back and trying to recover, I saw attackers from the pack coming across to the break. We went up a short rise, then we were sucked back into the pack and the attacks came again fast and furious from Rally. I was suffering at this point, being in the red for 10+ minutes and had nothing to respond to the latest attacks. This is where races are won and it was this point when the winning break went up the road. It consisted of Tom Soladay, Jesse Anthony and Emerson Oronte of Rally, Justin Mauch and Chris Harland-Dunaway of Herbalife and Chris Riekert of Mikes Bikes. HD soon flatted out of the break to make it five up the road. I recovered in the pack and Timmy was dropped after the massive accelerations with some bad leg pains. We were down to three guys and were pretty much at the mercy of the pack at this point. Bobby and Matt were very attentive at the front to make sure we didn't miss a split in the group. We occasionally rolled through at the front, but mostly followed wheels as other riders attacked. It was mostly uneventful until the last lap when the break was officially gone and riders, mostly the left over Rally guys began to attack. We covered pretty well, but at some point Brad Huff and Charlie Velez got away with solo moves. I don't know what happened with Huff as he wasn't placed in the results, but Charlie held off the field to finish sixth. Coming into the final 3k, Matt took me to the front. Bobby came up from behind and took a massive pull at about 2k to help bring back Shane Kline of Rally and one other. Matt gave one more surge at about 1500 meters and I was able to surf and grab another Rally guy, Eric Young's wheel with 1k to go. After a couple guys took flyers, I went through the final corner third wheel, 400 meters from the line, right behind Young. He powered up the slight rise out of the corner and it was all I could do just to hold his wheel. I tried to accelerate past at 100m, but didn't have any pop left and rolled across behind Eric Young for 8th overall.  Rally swept the podium with Soladay taking the win. I guess these NorCal roads have boosted his fitness.  Hopefully days like this can help him and the Rally boys gain fitness as they head off to race in Europe.  I know for me and the Williams Cycling team, races like this are a huge benefit as we prepare to take on whatever race is up next on the calendar.

Thanks for reading,
Josh Carling

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