Oakland Grand Prix - NCNCA Crit Championships

Posted by on 9/28/2017

Oakland Grand Prix California Crit Championships

Pro 1/2

61 Racers

Williams Racers: Bobby Terra and Timmy Bauer


Bobby & I met up in the town of Oakland California for the last event on the NCNCA calendar the Oakland grand prix. We were excited and motivated to finish Williams cycling great year off with a bang! Unfortunately, due to a sickness, the Tuft brothers had to pull out which was a bummer. In addition, Bobby had crashed the day prior doing some cyclocross season prep, but was still ready to go race hard. We took the last start line of the 2017 road season and set off to race against a stacked field of California's best racers.


Though the numbers were against us we did not disappoint. We rode smart and hard. A three man break escaped about mid-way into the race precisely when I hit a huge hole and thought I had possible punctured. I was a bit in shock that I was still on two wheels after a crazy ride through a huge set of holes on the course. Bobby moved up next to me and said hey “you ok man.”  I said “I think so”. After a few corners I was able to confirm my wheel was ok and no flat tire. The break was pretty established at that point Bobby gave a go at bridging but no luck. The three riders had escaped us and the rest of the field.


The pace stayed high through the rest of the race and it was very fun. The course is rough and has some very technical corners which suited both of us well and we were showing it by riding the front with ease throughout the race. With two to go I got stuck outside on the hair pin and lost my good positioning but I saw bobby wiz by on the inside. Coming to the last lap I was further back than I wanted I had to make up ground so I used my power, got out in the wind and moved up where ever I could. Coming to the last few corners Bobby was sitting in the top 4 and I was only a few spots behind him. The last stretch was an all-out sprint.  I still remember ripping the last corner so fast on the outside that I was unsure if I would stay upright. By the finish Line Bobby was 7th overall and 5th in the field sprint, and I managed 10th overall and 8th in the field sprint. Against this huge field it was a total success for both of us!


We had a blast and rode great and both of us finish in the top 10 Overall, and Bobby's 7th place landed him 2nd overall in the U23 State crit championship! It was a awesome day of racing thank you for reading and all your support throughout the year!


Thanks for reading!      


Historic Downtown Jackson Criterium

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We have raced hard from January to September.  Those of us who still have the fitness to keep on racing, are racing.   Some have called it a season while others have moved on to winter training.   Not Bobby or Timmy!   They are still pounding the race circuit to the bitter end.   I say keep rocking it boys!

Below is Timmy's race report.   Pics attached

Jackson Downtown Crit

Pro 1/2

60 minutes 

Bobby Terra and Timmy Bauer


Wow its been a great season! I have learned so much, raced in some of the best races and against some of the nation’s best.


Jackson was another very cool course with a wall of a climb that was short but very steep. Then some very fun fast corners including a 180 degree hairpin which had a drop of around 11 feet of elevation in the middle of the corner. The course being 8 tenths of a mile long and made for some fast racing.   The best part was that the course was right downtown in Jackson, California.


Given the difficulty of the course, Bobby and I were unsure what to expect. We knew what guys to watch but with this being a new race course we were unsure who would shine. The race was very fast with attacks every lap on that darn wall. I very foolishly was following these attacks and bridged up to the eventual winner of the day and we were off the front for 2 laps until the pack reeled us back in.  I kept riding super hard.   I just got in this mode of “if I ride hard enough then everyone else will suffer and we will win”. That’s not how it played out! The first 30 minutes were crazy hard and I was riding way to aggressively. I went from feeling like King Kong for the first 30 minutes into the race to a turtle trying to catch a hair in the matter a few minutes. I started to slip off the back around 35 minutes into the race but used my descending to stay on for a few more laps. Bobby was still very fresh and probably scratching his head from my strange race tactics, and asked “hey you ok man?” I replied “not really but it’s ok”. I continued, but not for much longer.   Eventually, what was left of the field pulled away from me.    I finished the race off the back and solo.  I never gave up and finished as strong as I could


Bobby stayed with the main group and went for his signature massive attack from the field trying to cross the gap to 4 riders up the road.   He didn’t quite cross the gap to the front group and was swallowed up by the field with a couple laps to go.   Bobby finished the day in 12th and I brought home a 17th but we both had smiles on our faces.




Ever since getting sick and losing fitness a couple weeks back, combined with Josh’s crash, I have been putting too much pressure on myself. It’s like I’ve been telling myself “hey, Josh isn't here you got to get a result for the team”. With this high pressure attitude, I got away from my style of racing and tried to use brute strength to beat down other riders.   Lesson learned. 


Wow, looking back at where I started this season and where I am now, I can say it has been a great year.   The one thing you can’t cheat is time.  It takes time and many hours in the saddle to improve.  An athlete’s body needs to adapt to intense efforts.   It takes years to maximize one’s talent.   No matter how bad I want it now, I know that my body will continue to develop and I will get stronger.  


One of the best quotes I have heard regarding rider development was from Jonathan Vaughters,   He said “An athlete is like a house with no windows or doors.   You can’t see inside to view their genetic makeup and desire to be the best”  


I hope to maximize my genetic ability.  The heart and desire are already there.  


Thanks for reading and all your support this season!


Timmy Bauer 

Dunnigan Hills - Pearl Izumi Ambassador - Kristen Hill

Posted by on 8/23/2017
Kristen Hill

I would also like to give a shout out to the great Kristen Hill.   Kristen has wrapped up her racing season and begun her base training for 2018.  She really had a break-out year.   If I may be so bold, I believe she outperformed her highest expectations.   This sport is known to change peoples lives.  I think we have a perfect example of this with Kristen.   Well done. 

Timmy Bauer

Interesting News!   Timmy Bauer was chosen to be an Ambassador for Pearl Izumi.   He will write blogs, test clothing and smash the social media for our clothing sponsor.   Congrats Timmy.    Here is a link to Timmy's first blog post


Also, here is a link to The Mountain Democrat Newspaper article on Timmy and our team.


Event: Dunnigan Hills Rad Race
Riders: Josh Carling, Kevin Tufts and Timmy Bauer.

Dunnigan Hills is a hot 90 mile road race.  The race is part of the Premier series.   What's that?  It's a series of races throughout the season.  Riders accumulate points and an overall series champion is awarded at the end.   Josh is currently in second overall.  Our goal was to get him more points.

The race was your typical hot, abusive, last man standing kinda day!   I was coming off step throat and far from healthy but I knew I had to be there for Josh.   I rode the front of the race for 50 miles working with a few others setting a fast pace to discourage attacks.   I finally cracked and pulled the plug.  Kevin and Josh were fresh.   My job was done so I rolled into the feed zone and attempted to recover. 

With 10 to go, a small group of two got off the front and stayed away.  Josh attempted to bridge but could not cross the gap.   Josh ended with a 4th overall and on the podium.  Kevin came in behind Josh.  Both Kevin and Josh rode well and delivered a good day of racing for the team.  I, on the other hand, will live to fight another day.  

Thanks for reading,

Timmy B

World Police and Fire Games / Red Kite Criterium

Posted by on 8/10/2017
A great week of racing for the team.  Let's start with Josh Carling. Josh spent the last week racing at the World Police and Fire Games.   There were over 50 countries represented at the games.

Here is a link about the World Police and Fire Games.  There is a nice piece about Josh.


Josh's accomplishments at the 2017 games.
  • Criterium = 1st
  • Time Trial = 1st
  • Road Race = 2nd
  • Hill Climb = 2nd
  • Sprint competition = 2nd

Criterium Champ

Josh Posting up for the crit win.

Time Trial Champ

2nd at Hill Climb TT

2nd at Road Race

Bob Terra

Red Kite Pro/1/2 Criterium.   A well earned third for Bob.

Thank you sponsors!   Without you, none of this would happen!

San Rafael Sunset Criterium

Posted by on 8/4/2017

Report by Timmy Bauer

Date: 7/29/2017

Pro 1,2

80+ racers

Teammates Josh Carling, Bob Terra


This race gives me goose bumps. It is so fast!  The atmosphere is nuts with crowds leaning over the barriers the whole way around this mile circuit.  The team had one goal and that was for Josh to win. The odds were against us with some of the best racers in the US lining up against us and teams three times our size with the same goal. My job was to do whatever needed to help Josh position for the win while Bob’s job was to cover dangerous moves and potential get in a winning break.  This race is so fast and is 75 minutes on a course that has a sharp climb in it and a fast decent with two downhill technical corners.


We lined up and were off!  The pace was a wicked fast and a bit sketchy as we all got use to the course. Right away a break formed of two riders who are ex teammates and awesome talents. (Cam Piper a current continental pro, & Chris Rikert). It was maybe 10 minutes in to the 75 minute race, but I knew it was dangerous and moved forward to try to help chase.  It was so fast I kept positioning and pulling through whenever I got the chance as I knew these two were very dangerous together. Next thing I know we come into turn 4 and there is a crash.   Six riders hit the ground hard.  Josh and I were together and made it by without a problem and so did Bobby. This gave the break some leash as the peloton was disorganized. The gap stayed at 20 seconds lap after lap.


Around 35 minutes into the race, just as the sun had set, I was third wheel and the rider in front of me lock up his breaks into turn 4.  I had to lock up my breaks to avoid crashing and lost all my momentum. I lost 40 spots or so and knew I had to start working back to the front to continue to help chase the break. Lap after lap I went full gas to move up, and I was starting to get really sore from the work I had done and my crash the week before. Finally after a few laps I got next to Josh and made sure he was doing ok.  He asked how I was and I just kept pedaling as I felt terrible.  I knew what I needed to do and that was get back to the front and chase.  At this point Bobby attack and went solo for a lap, but the peloton would not let him go and chased him back into the group after a lap. After he was caught I went to the front and put my head down and buried myself.


After that pull I was gassed!  I fell back deep into the pack and with 15 laps to go was the last rider on the main group. I took a few laps and recovered

The break was gone at this point and there was no chance of catching them.  I knew my job was to get back to the front and take over on the last lap to help position Josh for the sprint for third. Again, lap after Lap I moved up.  I was suffering big time, but every lap I could hear my wife cheering me on. It kept motivating me to push harder. With 5 to go I was back in the top 20, and surprisingly feeling good. With 2 to go I was top 10. Coming to the last lap I moved up on the inside I yelled to Josh to get on my wheel. He couldn’t hear me.   I went to the front on the uphill. I knew Josh was in a position to pounce and I needed to keep the pace very high on the back stretch to insure he would not get swamped heading into the final two turns.  Just before the two corners to go,  I saw Bassetti and Josh accelerate away from the peleton. They had a gap!  Next thing for me was to hold my position to the line. I hit the last stretch and was going so hard that I my vision started to fail.   I made it to the line gasping for breath.  Josh was 4th (2nd in the field sprint).   I was pumped!  I knew I was up near the front and they paid top 20 at this race so I celebrated with a lap of high fives to the screaming crowd. It was awesome! We ended up with Josh 4th me 12th and bobby 24th!   A great night for the team for sure!

Boise Twilight Criterium - National Racing Calander Event

Posted by on 7/31/2017

Let's go BIG TIME!   Boise Twilight Criterium.  This race is a national classic and part of the USA Pro Racing Calendar.  Over 20,000 fans come out to watch the event in downtown Boise.  $15,000 purse on the line and multiple pro teams show up to take their share of the winnings..   There are two major races.  Race one is a Cat 1/2 event and race 2 is a Pro/1 event.   Timmy Bauer raced the Cat 1/2.   Bob Terra and Josh Carling raced the Pro/1 event.

  • Cat 1/2 Race.    As of now, I don't have the details other the TIMMY WON THE RACE.   From what I understand, Timmy out sprinted three other riders at the line to pull off the victory.   By far the biggest win of young Timmy's career.   Check out the podium and interview pics attached.   It was a great day for Timmy, his family and the race team.
  • Pro 1 Race.   Despite racing against full time professional bike racers, Josh was going for a podium finish and Bob as looking to get in a dangerous break and take home some primes.  Mind you, we are a tiny amateur team made up of 6 riders from California throwing elbows with some of the best criterium racers in the world. 
    • Once again, I don't have all the details.  Here is what I know.   Bob and Josh were in perfect position with 9 laps to go.  A crash happened and Josh was involved.  Bob just missed it and kept on going.  All the riders caught up in the crash were given a free lap and pushed back in by the referees with 8 laps to go.  Guess what, at 8 laps to go there are no more free laps.  Josh and Bobby worked their way up to the front with one to go.   Both riders were flying.  Into the final turn, Josh was banging bars at the tip of the race arrow.  Josh came across in 8th followed by Bob farther back.   WOW, an incredible result for the team.   But wait, the story is not over.   The referees, huddled together and decided that since the crash was at lap 9 and the impacted riders were pushed in on the 8th lap, technically, they were not supposed to get a free lap and would be relegated a lap down.  This decision impacted Josh and a couple of high profile professional athletes.  As you can imagine, chaos ensued and protests were flying.   Since we were the small fish on the block, we sat back and let the judges duke it out with the big pro teams.  In the end, the relegation stood and Josh was placed farther back.  Bob was moved up to 11th which is a wonderful performance by a 20 year old kid.   Despite being relegated down a lap (this one will smart for awhile) the team rode an incredible race

Davis 4th of July Criterium

Posted by on 7/6/2017
Davis 4th of July Criterium:  The race is considered the Jewell of the summer.  Every rider in California would like to win this race as it carries prestige due to the heat, course profile and depth of talent that lineup every year.

Men's 35+ Cat 4/5.
  • Kristen had a great day racing with the boys.  She was solid all day even under tremendous pressure from the field.   The field shattered after 15 minutes of hard racing.   Kristen landed in the second group finishing solid in the pack.  Congrats
Men's P/1/2
Riders:  Timmy Bauer, Josh Carling, Bobby Terra, Matt Tufts
Guess what?  We won!!!!!    The team rode great and Josh closed the door on all sprinters to win the race.  I have said it a million times, teams win races.  This team is so "locked in" that each rider knows what the other is thinking.   Chalk up yet another win for the team.  Great pic of Josh on the podium

Auburn Downtown Criterium

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Auburn Downtown Criterium
Date:  6/25/2017

Race: Pro 1,2

Team: Timmy Bauer, Josh Carling, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts


After a fun Saturday training with teammates, we showed up to the Auburn Criterium pumped and ready for some racing. Josh has raced very well in the past here so we came into this race with some confidence.


The eight corner course was a very technical with a solid climb, head wind section, and a fast decent. The course suited our team.   I followed the first move after 12 minutes of hard racing.    The break included me, a specialized rider (Taylor King) and an A-Main rider (Bob Lander). I did not commit to this move right away as I wanted to get a feel for who was willing to work and who would just sit on.    The next lap I noticed the peloton had hesitated. I put in some effort and ripped the descent.   I heard we had 15 seconds so sour break went harder. Right after we increased the pace we dropped the A-Main rider. It was two of us with just over 35 minutes to go.   I heard we had now reached 30 seconds on the field so I kept the hammer down. At this point I was pulling 90% per lap while Taylor from specialized was struggling to hold my wheel.   We were losing momentum. Eventually, we lapped one of my teammate who yelled out some timely encouragement and to race smart. 


With around 20 minutes to go I heard that Tory Phillips from Marc Pro was bridging solo to our two man break.  We only had 20 seconds to the main field at this point.  I let up just enough to insure he made the bridge as I knew I could not go on alone and Taylor, my original break mate, was suffering just to hang on my wheel. When Tory crossed the gap to our two man break, he immediately attacked.   I responded with ease and took a look over at him letting him know I was there and not ready to quit.  We started taking pulls working good together. After a lap or so we increased our gap over the field and dropped the specialize rider.   I was feeling good and we pushed our gap to 50 seconds over the main field in just a few laps.


With 4 laps to go, I was struggling but maintained my position.  Tory went all in with a monster attack and I just could not respond.  Tory held a 5 second gap to me.   I continued to push. With 2 laps left I heard we had 51 seconds over the field.  Again, I continued to go as hard as possible. I went full gas on the last lap hoping Tory might sit up and enjoy the final straight away for the win.  This was my last shot at sneaking by him for the win.  Tory did in fact sit up and I did try to chase him down but was a bit too far back to nip him at the line.   I was so excited to finish 2nd.   We ended the race with a 40 second lead on the field. This was a hard technical course with some big names including past national champions. 


Josh attacked the field on the last lap and soloed in for 3rd overall. It was awesome.   I was so excited to pull off this result with such a daring move and stick the break from lap 3 in the race.


Huge thank you to my family and teammates for all the support. Also thank you to our sponsors.  You all have helped us achieve so much this year! Excited for what's to come as the season is only at its half way point! Thanks for reading

Timmy Bauer 

Nevada City Classic / Red Kite Criterium

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“Survival can be summed up in three words - never give up. That's the heart of it really. Just keep trying”


Bear Grylls

The fabulous Nevada City Classic was last Sunday.  This is one of the most famous criteriums in the USA.   The course is brutal. 1/2 the course is straight uphill and the other 1/2, downhill.   There are little team tactics.   Basically, ride as hard as you can and see what happens.   I have included three separate race reports from the three riders who tackled the beast known as Nevada City.  These reports will give you a unique insight as to how three riders from the same team survive this intense race.   Enjoy!


Nevada City Classic
Date: June 18

Riders:  Josh Carling, Kevin Tufts, Timmy Bauer


By Josh Carling:

Nevada City from the view of someone who is normally just pack fodder in a race such as this:  This race took place on a treacherously hot day that no one was really prepared for.  There was some serious power in the field. It didn't take long for Torrey Phillip and Cameron Bronstein to break away.  I was already on my limit going up the climb and responding to the move wasn't even an option. A couple more riders got away including Chris Riekert the eventual winner, and Cole Davis shortly after. I almost felt like I could make the acceleration to go with them, but held back because it was still so early and I figured I wouldn’t be able to hang for long. As the race progressed and riders fell off the back, my confidence grew. I was able to lead on the descent and every lap had a slight gap going into the climb. I saved crucial watts and late in the race when the attacks came from our whittled down pack, I was able to respond.  I sprinted up the climb on the last lap following a Mikes Bikes attack and going over the top I couldn't even see straight. Another Mike’s rider attacked and I thought I was threw. I somehow found the strength to push one more time and on the descent to the finish I was able to go past.  I held off a hard charging Nick Reed to finish 6th overall, my best ever result in The Nevada City Classic. Maybe a smaller field than years past, but no matter what, always a classic.

By Kevin Tufts

Nevada City.  Coming off of a confusing performance a week before Nevada City in which my lungs decided they were too mad at me to work anymore, I had lot of anxiety and stress about probably the toughest crit in the nation.  This race is more about survival and less about team tactics so at least the pressure was off if I was less than dependable for Timmy and Josh who were doing this race as well. My Wife reminded me to just do my best and have fun.  It was Father's Day anyway so just relax and stop stressing.
I got a nice warmup riding on some beautiful little road and then met with the team to ride to the start.  My family was down there to replace the ice sock that had melted with a fresh one.  We lined up and we're off on a brisk neutral lap that everyone was already using to fight for good positioning.  I felt a twinge of a cramp on that first lap in my hamstring but thought that this was not going to be a bad race.  The pace was high and I followed a move that the eventual 3rd place finisher initiated and went a little deep.  I was trying to recover going down the hill but ending up in a worse position than I wanted to each lap needing to break way too much and losing momentum for the stair step climb back up the course.  My power was better and was breathing easier than the week before but I popped off the group with a few others before the 15 min mark. I then settled into riding as hard as I could but starting to feel a little ill at the 25 min mark. I told the guy I was riding with I was thinking about pulling the plug.  It was a mental battle I kept having whether I should do one more lap and then stop being that I was already getting lapped by the 2 freaks of nature that had attacked and would eventually lap me 3 times.  The thing that kept me pushing myself forward was the team families that were cheering and yelling for me each lap even though I was far behind.  I found myself riding harder than I should just to show that I was not giving up and try to give an effort worth cheering over.  I also got determined to not quit this race because I had never got pulled or a DNF in it before.  The last time the chance group came around I yelled encouragement to Josh who was in a chase group racing for 6th. Timmy caught me through the start finish line with 1 to go and I rode at the pace I had been riding and maybe a little harder knowing I only had to go around 1 more time.  I sprinted down the hill at the finish satisfied that I had done my best effort and very happy that I had not pulled myself.  I was overheated and exhausted but I was done and safe and my family was with me.  I ended up 29th.  Nevada City done.

Nevada City

By Timmy Bauer

Nevada City, an event that I love! The hardest criterium on our calendar and a race with huge history spanning 57 years back to the first race in 1961. This is a race I dream about winning and even have devoted myself to special workouts to be ready and fit for this 75 min test of climbing fast descending and technical turns.


Josh, Kevin and I arrived to the line and set off in 102 degree temps.   As always this race draws the hardest, strongest rider field of any criterium on the NCNCA calendar. The first 10 minutes were fast and furious but I was riding really well and sitting on the climbs when others were standing and straining to stay positioned. Around 20 minutes in, a big move went Josh and I responded. I was so confident and felt great my run up was great to this race and I was going for the podium.


After the big split settled down around 30 minutes in I was suffering a bit from responding to the acceleration but knew I was still ok. I was 3/4’s back of the 25 man front group we came to the decent and I hit a hole while shifting down. And my rear derailleur locked up after the chain getting caught on the cassette while the derailleur was shifted all the way down. I had to stop remove my rear wheel to get things straightened out without breaking anything and then continued on.  Loosening a lap almost instantaneity I was now 30th+ with 45 minutes left of racing.  I had worked too hard to give up so I did the opposite and just kept going as hard as I could lap after lap.


I kept riding my best proving to myself I had the legs and could finish in the front if not for the mechanical. With the help of our family's cheering us on and 4 bottle handoffs from my awesome feed zone help my mother in law (who has a fractured foot but was still out there) I ended up 17th overall. It was not the result I wanted or expected. Though the mechanical was not in my control I did everything I could to do my best and kept going no matter what. Next year I’ll be back and more hungry for that podium than ever. Josh was awesome at 6th overall.   Fantastic result.   Kevin also finished and rode his best which was great for the team!


Red Kite Criterium
Date:  6/17
Riders: Sam Hill and Matt Tufts

"Hey, is anyone else doing Red Kite with Sam? I'll pay your reg fees and gas if you do!"

Fortunately I didn't have any plans that day, and that offer from Team Mom Kristen Hill made the 131 mile drive from Placerville to Pleasanton worth it. Plus racing with Sam is always fun. We met up in Davis and got him loaded up in my car, and that gave us time to talk about the plan for the race.

Some guys will say," I just want to get out there and see what I can do."

Sam says, "I want to win", and that's why I like racing with him. As there were only 2 of us representing Williams Cycling, the plan was for each of us to take turns going with moves up the road, but not initiating them. Sam and I are both sprinter-type riders, so we were hoping for either a field sprint, or a move with one of us in it. Throughout the race there were multiple attacks, and more often than not, Sam or myself was up the road. He said he felt marked, because anytime he was up in the break no one would work.

Fast forward to around 10 laps to go, and I had just got reeled back with a group of four when a break formed with Sam in it. As I was trying to recover, guys were making their way up the road, and eventually our group of 28 was split in half, about 6 seconds apart. I decided that I needed to keep myself as rested as possible so if the group came back together, I would be able to help Sam. Then I saw Sam at the front of the group, trying to split it up. Now I was thinking that if Sam's plan didn't work, I might have to be saving myself for a sprint! With 6 laps to go, my patience paid off, and we were all back together. Now all we could hope for was a field sprint.

That was not to be. With 5 to go, Aaron (Squadra) jumped and nobody followed. He is a known TT guy with big power. Still, Mike Bikes had 6 guys in the race so it was up to them to pull that back.

They failed.

There were unorganized jumps to get across the gap from multiple riders, but at that point no one was willing to let anyone get away. I kept myself 6th wheel or so, figuring Sam might have spent his last match and it was up to me to do what I could. With half a lap to go, Sam comes around me and I knew he was ready to go. I jumped with 500 to go, yelling for Sam to take my wheel. He took it without a fight, and I got him to the final corner before running out of gas. Someone cut him on the inside and forced him wide, but Sam was able to regain enough momentum to lock down second in the sprint, 3rd overall. Not a bad result for the 2 of us, and even though we raced to win, us Williams guys still like podiums!

Thanks for reading, Matt.

Tour De Nez / NorCal-Nevada District Time Trial Chmpionships

Posted by on 6/14/2017

The team got after it at one of the hardest criteriums in the country.  This race is known as Tour De Nez.  The promoters went back to the original course this year.  I for one can tell you that this is a brutally hard race.  The race is at altitude, the course is hilly and so windy that riders are blown all over the course.  The speed is very high and typically single file the entire race.   I was always proud just to finish this race.  Winners of this race prove to be some of the best racers in the country....It is that hard!

Race: Tour De Nez

Location:  Reno, NV
Category: Pro 1/2

Length: 90 minutes

Team: Josh Carling, Kevin Tufts, Timmy Bauer

Tour de Nez was a race I was looking forward as a build up to the brutal Nevada City Classic.

The Tour de Nez race organizers decided to go back to the very difficult “old school course” which included more climbing and cross winds.    I knew this race would be a great test for my current form. My goal was to get a result or bury myself for Josh Carling.  

We arrived early at the race, met with my parents and family.  Josh arrived around three hours before our event at 6:50 pm. We headed out for a fun warm up after the long 2 1/2 hour car ride.  It was terribly windy with gust reaching 35 mph.  More about the wind and racing between buildings / cross winds later. 

After our warmup, we found our third member Kevin Tufts.  I noticed that I had gotten a puncture in my rear tubular tire. I headed over to SRAM neutral support to get a support carbon wheel for the race. When the mechanic was mounting the wheel, he broke my derailleur hanger. With seven minutes until the start I jumped on Josh's bike, rushed to my car found my spare hanger, and managed to get it to the mechanic. In the meantime, they were calling us to the line. I was able to mount a neutral support bike.  It was huge and way too big for me but I was able to start the race. 4 laps in to the race I got word of my bike was ready. I pulled in to neutral support and swapped back to my bike.   I took my free lap (you get one per race for mechanical or crash related issues) and got back in the main group. Whew!!! What a stressful first 10 minutes of the race.

The course was awesome, fast, technical and windy.  With all these conditions it was bound for a break or a small selection. Josh, Kevin and I positioned for this outcome and were responding to moves and trying to follow the right wheels. Around 30 minutes in, two riders got a gap.  Josh and I had missed it. The two riders continued to expand their gap.  We could hardly see them after a few laps. I moved to the front and did quite a bit of work the next few laps with Bryan Larson trying to pull back the move. After no Luck, Josh attacked to try to bridge the move. I was deep in the red after my crazy start.  

After a lap of fighting,  the main group caught Josh.   Then, as expected, a counter attack of two went up the road.  We now had four riders up the road.   The next 40 minutes was pure hell for me.  I was in the red and the race was incredibly fast and hard.   I was very disappointed we missed the move.   I was not going to give up and continued to lead the field lap after lap.  With 15 minutes to go, the four man group lapped the filed.   At this point, things got crazy as the leaders were attacking each other. I knew I had to do whatever possible to keep the group together and deliver Josh for what we could salvage which was 5th overall.

I continued to work at the front with no help from other teams.  With two laps to go I was still working for Josh.  Josh’s legs were good and he was ready to sprint for 5th.   On the last lap I started to slip back and managed 12th place at the line. Josh won the field sprint for 5th and made it on the podium.

In conclusion, Josh, Kevin and I were so strong.   It was a shame that break got away, but we handled it well and managed a good result.

I can’t thank my family enough for being there to support me and my teammates!

Josh 5th at Tour De Nez

Timmy and family enjoying the Tour De Nez atmosphere

Josh in the front group

Day 2

Loyalton TT District State championships  

40K individual Time trial

Sunday was the NorCal/Nevada time trial championships.   Since I was in Reno and Loyalton was only 30 minutes away, why not give the TT race a go!  It was my first time doing a 40 kilometer time trial.  I figured no matter what it was great experience and good practice for future stage races. 

The course was windy and very flat.  The first 5 miles things were going great I was caching my 30 second man. We turned left and hit a straight headwind and my legs were not so happy.  That’s when things got real.

With 19 miles left to go, the legs were not having it. I kept my head down and kept pushing.  The overall winner caught and passed me.   It was a blow to my confidence but I knew I still had a shot at second or third.  At the half way turn around, I caught my 30 second rider and passed him.  I also noticed my minute rider was close on my heels. My thoughts were positive “hey third is still a possibility…. keep fighting”. So I kept on pushing, hitting the last straightaway hard as possible. My legs were not good but that didn’t matter.   TT’s are about giving it everything no matter the pain or conditions.  I reached the line with a 26.1 MPH average over the windy 40 kilometers course.  I gave it my best shot and learned from the race.  After waiting for results I ended up 4th.  It was a great experience and enjoyed sharing this experience with my entire family.  

Thanks for reading,   Timmy B.

Timmy digging deep!

Lodi Cyclefest

Posted by on 6/8/2017
Race:  Lodi Cyclefest
Location:  Lodi, CA    Hometown race
Race:  Pro 1/2
Riders:  Josh Carling, Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer, Sam Hill
Type:  Downtown Criterium.  65 minutes / 8 corner course

This was our hometown race.  We brought out the tents, display, chairs etc... and set up in front of our sponsor Downtown Bikes.   The course is perfectly located in downtown Lodi, weaving in and out around wine tasting rooms, restaurants, coffee shops.   A perfect atmosphere for a race venue. 

The team arrived a bit early for video and photo shoots.  My friend Nick Coohan produced a video highlighting the criterium race vibe and Williams.  He also filmed a pre-race meeting.   Very cool stuff if I say so myself.   All, in all, it was a great day of racing and socializing with other riders, families and friends.

I have included Timmy's report below for your reading. 

I had a bit of a challenging weekend.   ! was scheduled to race Pesadero on Saturday but after some unfortunate events Saturday morning on the drive down,  the family and I ended up pulling the plug at 5 am and heading back home.

I arrived Sunday to the Lodi Cyclefest very amped up and excited!   I rode the day before, and felt really good during my warm up for our 65 min Pro 1, 2 Criterium. Our goal was simple....Bobby and I were to be aggressive and follow wheels.  We also had the Green light to attack after 20 minutes with the goal of keeping the pressure off Josh, Sam, & the Tufts for a field sprint.

The field was stacked and we got off to a very fast start.  I was the only one up there and was covering a few moves. Nothing was going anywhere and a lot of riders were still getting use to the course and its technical turns. At exactly 20 minutes in and a drop in the pace, I accelerated hard and instantly got a gap.   I was surprised no one jumped with me. I was solo off the front. Not what I had planed but I decided to put the hammer down. After a lap I was out of sight, the old saying “out of sight out of mind” came into my head so I kept pushing. Around that point I started hurting and was paying for my effort.  It was also very hot out and the silly sunburn I suffered the day before started catching up to me. I was caught a lap later by a raging peloton that was split in three groups. The pace was crazy fast and I responded to the first group and held on for a lap, but was needing to recover from my silly solo move. The race pace was high and I was not recovering.  I was in trouble.   I slipped back to the second group and hung on for another 2 laps. Then, around 36 minutes into the race I lost the last group just as the field got all back together.

I was so frustrated, but understood my mistake and how to avoid that in the future. I got to watch the guys race their hearts out.   Josh pulled off a 5th overall after a fast hard race, and a crazy last two corners!  It was awesome seeing the guys line it up and try to control the race with such a stacked field. I'll be back in action this weekend at Tour De Nez and will be looking for some redemption after two weeks of frustrating results.

Thanks for reading! Timmy B

Williams / Lodi Cyclefest video:

Pre-race meeting:

Folsom Spring Criterium

Posted by on 5/29/2017
Race:  Folsom Criterium
Date: 5/27/2017
Event:  P/1/2
Length:  60 minutes, 1 mile course shaped like a "D"
Racers:  Josh Carling, Timmy Bauer, Bob Terra, Sam Hill, Kevin and Matt Tufts

The plan:   The team believed a break could succeed on this course.  Therefore, we had to be both aggressive and attentive.  Our goal was to be represented in every break.  If the break sticks, win out of the break.  If the race comes down to a field sprint, lead Josh and Sam out for the win.  We had Bob, Kevin and Matt committed to attacking and/or covering all moves.  We kept Josh and Sam fresh in the peleton and had Timmy ready to put in major work at the front incase we needed to bring a break back

Guess what?  Every team had the same plan.   The attacks started from the gun.   Not one break was sticking because each attack was countered by the ENTIRE FIELD sprinting to bring it back.   This typically leads to very fast and hard racing.   My experience has been when racing is this hard, riders tire after about 20 minutes.   Typically, 20 to 30 minutes is when the elastic band snaps and the real race starts.  Sure enough, at the 1/2 way mark (12 laps to go), a group of 6 riders got up the road including our rider Bob Terra.   Our formula was in place.   If the break sticks, Bob would try and win.   If the break comes back, Josh and Sam would go for the field sprint win.  

Bob was committed to the break.  For the next 11 laps, the break had 30 seconds on the field.  All was looking good for Bob to win out of the break.   But, as what can happen often in bike racing, the break started playing games and not driving the pace.  The field came up fast and literally caught the break with 150 feet to the finish line.  Bob watched Josh fly by him for the win with 100 feet to go.   Josh did was Josh does and unleashed a massive sprint to win the race.

Another great effort from the team. 

Results:  1st.  Josh Carling,  9th Sam Hill, 10th Bob Terra, 23rd Kevin Tufts, 34th Matt Tufts  

Note:  Timmy was run off the course.  He had to bunny Hop a curb and go off the course in order to stay upright.  The good news is that when he stopped, a fan handed him a beer and said "Enjoy" which he did!

Josh on the top podium. 

Bob always on the attack

Timmy leading Josh around the corner

Race:  Folsom Criterium
Date: 5/27/2017
Event:  Men 4/5
Course: 1 mile course shaped like a "D"
Racers:  Kristen Hill
Place:  33 out of 65 racers

So, I'm thinking Kristen enjoys swapping elbows with the men these days.  A warrior attitude for sure.  I love her heart and drive.   Kristen had a solid day finishing with the peloton after a hard and fast race. 

Kristen on her new bike.

Kristen mixing it up with the boys.

NOTE:   Don't forget about this Sunday's Lodi Cylefest Criterium Race in downtown Lodi.   We will have three tents setup for our team and sponsors.   If you have the time, come down and say hi!   Here is a link to the details.   http://www.deltavelo.com/lodi_cyclefest/


Modesto Criterium and Road Race

Posted by on 5/24/2017
Another fun weekend of racing for the team.  We have some cool pics attached to the email..

Race: Modesto Criterium
Pro 1/2
Date: Saturday 5/20
Riders:  Sam Hill, Robert Terra, Matt Tufts

The heat takes it's toll!

I made the trek from Placerville Ca to the central valley town of Modesto to get a healthy helping of Vitamin D, and the weather did not disappoint. Choosing to race the Master 35+ 123 as a warm up turned out to be the incorrect decision, as it was the first hot race of the year for me. I found myself in a break of 4, but we were reeled in after 5 laps or so. Spending the rest of the race debating on just how hard I wanted to work with the next race looming, I pulled the plug for a mid pack finish and went straight to some shade and ice water to cool down.

Let me just say that I dig this course! Not your boring office park, a downtown circuit with 8 turns to make position and smarts a key component of the race, which I like. During a brief meeting before the race, Bobby's girlfriend Sami hooked us all up with ice-filled panty hose to stuff inside the Pearl Izumi Mach Five Speedsuits. It worked really well for the first 20 minutes! I told Bobby and Sam that I wasn't sure how my legs would be after the master's race, and that I would cover early moves so they could stay fresh for the end. My legs however proved me a liar and after the first two laps I was tail-gunning for much of the race. Not to worry, because Bobby is on form! First attack he is all over it, and if he has to ride himself into the ground, he is going to make a break! I swear there were no fewer than 12 break attempts and he was in 11 of them. Unfortunately, the one he missed was the one that stuck. Everyone knows how strong Bobby is, and he's marked everywhere he goes.

In the middle of the race, Sam makes a sneaky move and launches off the front of the group! It was so sly I didn't even see it happen, and nobody else did either! There was a little panic from the field as Sam's dark kit emerged from the shadows 100 feet off the front! Eventually the heat collected it's due, and Sam was forced to rejoin the charging group. 

With about 20 min or so left I mustered up what little strength I had, got Bobby on my wheel and gave a hard dig to try to bridge him up to the break. You can really feel the stiff Williams System 45's accelerate like a rocket, and even Dave Grundman had a hard time grabbing the move! Katie Truong got a good pic of that moment here:

Unfortunately Owen Gillot had Bobby's wheel, and nobody wanted to let either one of them get up the road. A couple of late attacks later, and Bobby and one other rider stayed away until the finish. With the leading break of 5 up the road, Bobby ends up 7th!

All in all it was a great showing from Williams Cycling, and we are starting to be a known force in Nor

Cal. Thanks for reading!

Check out the great pic of Matt setting Bob up for an attack.   There is another great pic of Sam sneaking off the front.

Matt Tufts

Race: Modesto Criterium
Men Cat 4/5
Date: Saturday 5/20
Riders:  Kristen Hill

Props to Kristen for starting the day racing the men’s cat 4/5 race.  Racing with the men is a great way for Kristen to develop speed and power.  

There is an old and true saying in bike racing “you race enough and you will have your share of crashes”    Sometimes crashing is self-induced, while other times it is the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Unfortunately, Kristen was caught up in a crash and went down.   Like a trooper, she picked herself up and headed over to the medical tent for some good old fashion duct tape and super glue to put herself back together.   Luckily, she is doing fine and already back on the bike.   Here is a sequence of pictures.  The before, the race, the after.


Race: Modesto Road Race
Pro 1/2
Course:  72 miles.  8 laps of a 9 mile loop.  
Date: Saturday 5/21
Riders:  Robert Terra

Fun race.   Flat, fast and hot.

Lots of attacks from the gun.   A break of 3 riders got up the road early on in the race.   Bob bridged up to the break.  Each rider was willing to work to make it stick.  The break put one minute into the field.  As you know, riding a break can be very hard.   Each rider takes a pull for anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 minute with a constant rotation.  Rarely is there time to recover before the rider is back on the front for another effort.   Luckily, we have Bob on our team and for some reason, he loves to pull out the big sword and ride breaks all day long.   We may need to get him in to see a psychiatrist regarding his never ending love for flogging himself (just kidding Bob, we love you)

With one to go, the break came down to 40 seconds as the field was ramping for the catch.  A bit of fear crept into the break assuming they might be swallowed up by the field right before the finish line.   With 1.5 miles to go, Scott Giles (US national champ) attacked the break and rode away for a solo win.  Great effort Scott!  The remaining three riders, including Bob, kept working together and stayed off the front to the line.   Bob won the break sprint for 2nd.   It was another great day for Bob and the team.  

Race: Modesto Road Race
Date: Saturday 5/20
Riders:  Chris Courtney

Great to see Oak Valley Community Bank President, Chris Courtney, out racing.   He placed a solid 24th at the road race.   Well done.  

NCNCA Masters 35+ Road Race State Championships

Posted by on 5/17/2017

By and large, a slow weekend of racing for the team.  It was time to rest up and refuel the jets for the next effort. 

However, Josh Carling wanted to put another state championship title under his belt so he headed off to Monterey for the  Masters 35+ State Championship. 

NCNCA Masters 35+ Road Race State Championships
Distance: 55.9 miles
Circuit course: 13 laps, 4.3 miles per lap
Rider:  Joshua Carling

State Championship races are always interesting.  You never know who will show up. 

This year, the race was located in Monterey.  This is a bit of a drive for most racers so typically only local racers or racers looking to win the race (or support a teammate) make the trek.

I was the only member of the Williams team making the 3.5 hour drive.   Most of the Williams riders are too young to race as a masters riders.   I guess that makes me long in the tooth LOL! 

The race:   Small field, very tactical.  Each lap was 4.3 miles long with rolling hills, a long tail wind section and a brutal head wind section.   We had to complete 13 laps.   

Some riders were solo (racing by themselves) and some had one or two team mates. Then there was me, a man flying solo and marked from the gun.   Due to the lack of a big teams to control the race, I assumed the race would be…..well….a crap shoot.   What I mean by that is when you have a bunch a solo riders and no real teams to control the race, attacks will constantly happen.  Why?  Because there are no large teams to cover attacks.   If an attack sticks, odds are there will be no organized chase.

Sure enough, several riders attacked from the gun.   Two very strong Olympic Club riders, Chris Coble and Will Riffelmacher, had a solid game plan of going “all in” on a massive attack and forcing me to chase them down.  I knew I couldn't cover every move so I decided to mark Coble and hope that others would chase if his team mate got up the road.  Will Riffelmacher did attack the field and got clear with a Mikes Bikes rider, who turned out to be very strong.  I was forced to chase.  Thankfully, a couple riders helped with the chase for a few laps but we were unable to bring back the break of two.   We were losing time to the break which reached over a minute gap to the dwindling field.  As the laps ticked down, the attacks started again but no rider could cross the gap to the leaders.   With only a few laps to go, the break of two still had a minute on a dwindling field of four riders including me.  

Chis Coble attacked from our group with 1.5 laps to go and quickly got a gap.  Chris was riding smart.  He had Will in the front break of two and did not have to help us chase down the front break the entire race.  Chris was fresh and ready to pounce.   As Chris rode away from our group, I knew I was racing for 4th.   I was cooked from chasing the entire race but was able to find enough strength to sprint for 4th.  

This was not the result I was looking for but that’s racing.  I was happy with my effort and I know a hard day on the bike will only improve my fitness.  

Until next time, Josh Carling. 

Golden State Criterium and Circuit Race

Posted by on 5/8/2017
As you know by now, this endeavor was born from the desire to create a healthy atmosphere for athletes that want to be part of something that is larger than themselves.   Never underestimate the power of a team.

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." ...

Amazing two days of racing the Golden State criterium and circuit race.  So thankful to have a great group of people who happen to be very fast on a bike and sponsors who make it happen.  

Saturday:  Golden State Criterium.
Race:  Pro/1/2
Riders:  Timmy Bauer, Josh Carling, Bob Terra, Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Sam Hill
Race Length:  75 minutes

Note:  The Golden State weekend race series includes a two day overall champion and points champion.   The overall champion would be the best placed rider of two days.   The points champion would be who collected the most sprint points during the two days of racing.   Day 1 was a criterium (1 mile loop) , day two was a circuit course (2.3 miles).  Williams had a full display tent and team tent location on the course for day one.  Team tent for day two plus we did a full team photo shoot at the race.  

Criterium:  The plan.  Have Bob and Timmy race very aggressive.   Get into every move and see what happens.  If a move sticks, win out of the break.  If all breaks come back, the Tufts brothers will lead Josh and Sam out for the win!  

The race:  Teams win races, individuals do not!   Bob and Timmy took turns hoping from break to break.  We were represented in every move.  Eventually, Timmy got into a four man break that put 25 seconds in the field. Timmy was committed to make it stick.  Eventually, a second break started with Bob attached.  The two breaks merged together which put two of our riders in position to win.   As the laps ticked down, the break tired and slowly came back to the field.   I think the break was caught with just a few laps to go.  With two to go, the Tufts brothers brought Josh and Sam to the front.   With one to go, Kevin hit the gas on the back stretch and put the entire peloton into single file all the way down the back stretch.   At two turns to go, Matt took over a dropped off Josh and Sam at the final turn.   Josh did what Josh does and absolutely HAMMERED the sprint for the win.   Josh put three bike lengths into second place.  Sam came across 8th. There is a video of the sprint at Williams Cycling Instagram page....it's awesome.

Bob's aggressive riding put him in the lead for the sprinters jersey. Josh was in position for the overall and took the win on day one.   I attached a nice pic of the team debriefing after the race.   We were all happy indeed.   Podium picture attached.

Josh.  P/1/2 crit win

Post race debriefing

Sunday:  Golden State Circuit race.
Race:  Pro/1/2
Riders:  Josh Carling, Bob Terra, Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Sam Hill
Race Length:  75 minutes

Circuit:  The plan.   Get Josh the win and overall title.   Get Bob more sprint points and the sprint jersey overall.  

Bob was in an all out war to keep the green jersey.   Bob used every trick in the book to collect sprint points as the race developed.   During one of the prime sprints, four riders slipped off the front.   The four riders were down on the overall classification and not considered a threat.   The peloton let them go and they eventually built up a lead and stayed off the front to the end.   Given the the four man break would take places one through four, the battle would be for fifth.  We knew that in order to win the overall, Josh would have to win the field sprint and bring Sam with him to the line.   We wanted both Josh and Sam on the podium for the overall.   Bob, Kevin and Matt led out the peloton with one mile to go.   The Tufts brothers dropped off Josh and Sam at the final chicane.  Again, Josh dropped the hammer and won the field sprint for fifth and Sam followed in seventh.  

The result:   Josh Carling wins day one and the overall.  Bob wins the sprinters jersey.  Sam finishes 7th overall.    The Tufts brothers once again are the unsung heroes of the weekend.  Timmy missed Sunday's race but was a huge contributor to Saturdays success.  

Josh wins the overall

Bob wins the sprinters jersey

Kristen Hill:   Two days of solid racing.  Let's just say, in a street fight, Kristen will be the last standing.  On Saturday, she raced the women's 3/4/5 race and men's 3 race.   Sunday she raced the men's 4/5 race.    I really enjoy watching her determination and lack of fear to bump elbows with the boys.   Well done Kristen.  

That's 22 podiums and counting!    

The Elite team in Pearl Izume Mach 5 Skinsuits

Thanks for reading

Cat's Hill Criterium / Stockton Record Article

Posted by on 5/1/2017
It was a great weekend of racing.  The team really pulled off something special at the Iconic Cat's Hill Criterium on Saturday.   19 podiums in three months.   Absolutely unbelievable results for a 6 person P/1/2 team. 

Timmy's report.

The 44th Cats Hill Classic (Iconic Race – Past winners include (Greg Lemond, Dan Holloway, Ron Kiefel etc…)


Pro 1,2 with Cat 2 scored & prized separately

75 mins 69 Racers

5 Williams Racers (Josh Carlang, Bobby Terra, Sam Hill, Matt Tuffs, & Myself Timmy Bauer) 


This was my first ever time racing the Cats Hill classic and it will be a race I never forget!


Mat Tufts, Josh Carling, Sam Hill and I traveled together to the race.   Bobby Terra met us at the race.    Traffic was brutal as it took us four and a half  hours to get to a race that should have taken two hours.  We arrived just in time to get a warm up, and get ready for our race. I was very excited and ready to get after it. The team goal was to put Josh in a position to win this famous race.   The course is a mile criterium that has a short, steep 25% gradient climb per lap.  It’s a hard man’s course and it is awesome.


As we rolled up to the line, Josh & I knew being on the front row would help us not to get caught up in the swarm to the first corner. The start gun went off and I missed my peddle clip in. First time all year!    I tried again thought I had it, but didn’t work. I couldn’t believe that by the time I managed to get clipped in I was deep maybe 50th or so. YIKES!  This was not good for me at all because I had never even seen the course now I was stuck back deep in the pack.  


I stayed calm because I had been here before (San Rafael last year) and learned that panicking gets you know where. The first six or seven laps I rode smart sitting on the climb every time saving energy moving up when I could.


The race started off blazing fast. Once in while I would get glimpse of Bobby & Josh at the front and kept working my way up the field after my horrible start.


After 25 minutes full throttle racing, things slowed a bit.   I used this slower pace to get towards the front.  I worked my way into the top 20. Josh, Bobby, and I were together. The race was much smoother towards the front because when in the back, every acceleration or deceleration is dramatized by the amount of riders in front of you. Some say it’s like an elastic band and the further back you are the more of a snap there is when the pace changes.


I continued to ride smart and save energy.   Josh was looking good and the field was getting smaller every lap. This was a stacked field with the best racers from California.  When attacks went on the climb the race got hard real quick. Around 45 minutes in, we were sitting well towards the front and I saw the lap cards, 11 laps to go. I thought to myself “that’s it I got this”. I also knew I could not afford to slide back at this point.   With with to go we were in the top 20 spots. Around five laps left I noticed I was racing with mainly Cat 1’s as our Cat 2 numbers were different. Josh was still there and we were riding together. At four laps to go I knew it was time to be top 10 so we moved up a bit and the race continued to get faster and faster.


The laps were counting down and the lead group was getting smaller and smaller. With two laps left Josh and I latched on to the Mikes train and were right up in the front coming to the start finish.  We started to get swarmed when I heard Josh yell “we got to go” so I found room and rode hard into the first corner. At that point Matt Chat from Marc pro attacked with Sam Bassetti on his wheel.   I was able to respond and bring us up into the top five starting the final climb. Sam Basseti attacked with a massive effort up the climb.  Josh responded with the Mikes riders but Bassetti got a nice gap.  At the top of the climb I was 9th. Josh was on the 2 time winners wheel, Tobin Ortanblad, with Mikes leading the way. The front hesitated with two corners to go.   I made a move to get to the front and help Josh but got squeezed in the comer and had to grab the brakes.   From there on it was a full gas sprint. I was still in the lead group of 10 as we hit the last straightaway.   I saw Josh launch his sprint so I launched mine.  I managed to get back around one rider finishing 9th overall with Josh getting 3rd with a well-timed bike throw. Our lead group separated from the peloton and I was the only Category 2 racers to make it!


It was a huge successes for the team! With Josh on the Pro 1 podium and me on the top step of the Category 2 Podium! It also meant I get a Cats Hill Custom made winners jersey! After the race we had a blast!  It was celebration time! It's so fun getting to enjoy these great accomplishments with my teammates and family.  


The Williams Racing van hit the road for the drive home. Thanks to the lack off traffic and good times it seemed like a much quicker trip back. Until next time


Thanks for reading and your support! 


Timmy B

Josh Carling 3rd P/1/2

Timmy Bauer -  1st Cat 2

Josh and Timmy controlling the front of the race

Congrats to Bob Terra.   Bob has upgraded from a Cat 2 to a Cat 1.

Nice article in the Stockton record about our team and local rider Bob Terra (attached)


Red Kite Criterium / Sea Otter Road Race

Posted by on 4/26/2017

Red Kite Criterium

2/3 Race


Williams Riders:  Sam Hill, Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

A great day for the team.   Fireworks, explosions, race blowing apart, aggressive racing and domination by the Williams team!!!

The quick story.   Sam attacks the field with three riders, Bobby bridges up to make five riders.   They lap the field.  Sam attacks again, Sam stays away for awhile then comes back to the peloton, Bobby attacks, Timmy protects.   The peloton was blowing apart.   This was non stop aggressive riding from the boys.   An awesome display.

The finish:  Pack sprint with five riders who have lapped the field.   Sam wins the sprint, Bobby takes second, Timmy rolls in a few spots behind.   Williams goes one and two.   The the ripe old age of 20, Bobby earns enough points to become a Cat One racer!  Well done kid.

Attached is a picture of Sam posting up.  Angle of shot from Bob's gopro.

Red Kite Criterium

Women's 3/4 Race


Williams Riders:  Kristen Hill

Kristen doing what Kristen does.   Go BIG.    Kristen raced very aggressive attacking both early and late in the race.   The peloton reeled her in at the end. Hats off to her willingness to get after it and make a race happen.

Sea Otter Road Race

Pro 1/2


50+ racers

11 Continental pros

1 World Tour Pro

80 miles and over 7,000 ft. of climbing

Williams Rider:  Timmy Bauer


The family headed down to Sea Otter Classic Pro Road Race Friday morning.  My wife and daughter (known as the bug) were my support team in the feed zone.   I was flying solo as no other Williams racer made the trip down to beautiful Monterey.  


The Sea Otter road race attracts some stiff competition.   Ten UCI Continental Pros & one World Tour Pro lined up with another 40 top Cat 1/2 racers from the west coast.  


The Sea Otter road race is a circuit course that includes 9 hilly laps and one long final steep climb to the finish line.   This year, Sea Otter added the famous “wall” climb to each lap.   You might ask what the heck is the wall? Well it is a climb on the course that hits over 25% gradient and is around a mile long, and we were to ascend it 9 times during the race.  I was stoked and ready to rip. 

We started off on the Laguna Seca Raceway track with a neutral roll out.    The first time up the wall was brutal, but I really enjoy that type of racing so I was excited for the challenge to come. The first lap was fast and full of attacks but nothing sticking.  I was keeping myself protected from the wind drafting off other big teams around me.


We started the second lap and things were going well….until we hit the wall.  At the wall, one of the team Pro Illuminate racers attacked. This started a flurry of counter attacks which really sucked as I was put to my limit. The paced slowed after all the attacks which gave me time to eat and drink as I knew this was going to be a long day in the saddle.


Lap three started, I was feeling great and was tempted to attack when we got to the wall.  At the base of the wall, I was right behind Cannondale World Tour Pro Talansky when the attacks started.  I went to follow the moves when my bike miss-shifted leaving my chain wedged in between my frame and crankset. It was wedged in there so well I had to wait for a neutral support vehicle to arrive and with assistance. This was the worst time possible for a mechanical. A mechanical at the bottom of the biggest climb of the day at exactly when attacks started....AHHGG!     I went as hard as I could to catch the peloton.  Two miles later and a whole new world of suffering, I was back with the peloton.   I positioned toward the front and got a bottle in the feed and continued to hydrate and fuel my body. The group was whittling down quickly as we were down to say 35 racers. A three man break went up the road which caused a bit of concern from the peloton.   Let’s just say the speed went up a couple notches.   On lap four the pace dropped dramatically even though the break was still up the road.   The correct teams must have been represented in the break so things started to slow….so I thought.  


The lead moto official updated us regarding how much time the break had on the peloton.   5 minutes!!    The peloton went crazy with attacks as we entered lap five.   I was suffering just to stay in the peloton. The wind had increased as the afternoon ocean breeze swept over the course.  I was really in the hurt locker when Talansky and two other pros decided it was time to blow the race apart.   I completely imploded but kept on fighting.   A mile farther I was finally spit out the back of what was left of the peloton.   Starting lap six, I pulled the plug and let the officials know I was pulling out and headed to the car


I ended up 31st.   I was happy with my performance.  Picture attached


Thank you for your support! Timmy Bauer

Copperopolis Road Race

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Copperopolis Road Race

Pro 1/2
68 Racers 
Williams Team: Timmy Bauer, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts, Josh Carling

Copperopolis is my favorite road race of the year. The race starts outside the small town of Milton, California.   Copperopolis road race is known for the worst roads & the hardest climbs and descents on the NCNCA calendar. This year 68 of California's best climbers lined up including Andrew Talansky, a world tour pro rider for Cannondale Drapac. For those of you that done live and breathe cycling, a quick background on Andrew. He has raced 8 Grand Tours Finished in the Top 10 at the Tour De France (2013) & last year was 5th overall in the Vuelta a Espana. He is one of the best if not the best USA grand tour rider today.   Put Andrew in our field and 6+ of California's best P1/2 teams with 7 to 8 guys all working for their leader it was going to be Gnarly.

It was a brisk morning temps around 37 degrees when Josh & I arrived with our support team (my wife and daughter). We got kitted up and were ready to go! Josh & I pre-rode the course the week before.   This course is so brutal that pre-riding is a big advantage. This year the county decided to patch some holes with some nasty, horrible, chip and seal patches. This left the whole course covered in little Pea size pebbles. These pebbles, when racing with 68 other guys, turned into little BB’s hitting you all over your body & face. Not only were there rocks flying everywhere but the patches were rougher than the holes. Plain and simple, the roads are horrible.   The race include 5 laps totaling 108 miles and just over 9,000 ft of climbing. Copperopolis is one of the hardest road races in the country.

The race started off fast.   We hit the feed zone at mile 2.   The feed zone is a short climb that leads into a larger 3.2 mile climb.   I had Josh & the Tuffs brothers around me as we entered the feed zone.   I moved up a bit to avoid so much roost and got right on Talansky’s rear wheel. After the feed climb we started the main climb. Right away, Talansky was to the front driving the pace. We were flying and around half way up the climb, the peloton was already dropping riders.  I rode smart & stayed seated to insure energy savings. The pace dropped a bit after the climb and Josh was able to get back up to me. He let me know that after the Tufts brothers had been popped off the back and that the race was blowing up after only seven miles of racing.   It was obvious that Talansky’s goal was to ride the pack into the ground and thin out the race. Josh and I rode smart, saved energy when we could and stayed together as a team.  We reached the main descent after another short difficult climb.  The rocks were flying up in our faces. I had a big rock hit me on the tooth. I was so glad to roll off the front with Josh at that point.  We were not attacking, just trying to get away from the flying rocks.

Lap two was fast on the main climb. I felt real good, and rode in the top 15 spots saving as much energy as possible.   A solo rider from Marc Pro attacked on the big climb.  That rider dangled off the front as we crested the main climb.  Luckily the pace dropped a bit in the cross wind section by the lake.   Josh came up to me and made sure I was feeling good.  We reached the smaller climb before the main descent when Talansky attacked.   I was right behind him and able to follow him. This shook the group up majorly and dropped quite a few riders including Josh.  I was on my own from there with 3 full laps to go. I got a bottle in the feed zone and ate some more before ascending the main climb for the 3rd time. I again was strong and feeling good.  Towards the top, got in a bit of a bumping match with a fellow rider but nothing to crazy. I was finding that I was riding behind or next to Talansky a lot which told me my positioning was good. The main group was down to maybe 20 riders at this point.   They were the best 20 climbers in the race, and I was still there!

The pace was a bit slower this lap.   Starting the main descent, I was in the top 5 and moved forward a bit to avoid the roost and rocks.  I led the decent in my aero tuck and was able to pick my own line and save energy by staying aerodynamic. Talansky decided to follow and were together down the whole descent.   It was awesome, so cool!  At the bottom of the descent, he mentioned he liked my gloves I told him about how my daughter made them for me.  We discussed a few other things over next few miles.  Coming to the feed zone on lap 4, there were 15 of us with 3 riders up the road as two attacked right before the feed zone. I got a bottle and put my head down on the climb. I was starting to hurt badly but was determined to stay in this select front group of 10 to 15 riders. By the top I was so gassed but I was still there!

We hit the cross winds at the top and the remaining riders started throwing hey maker attacks at each other.   I was stuck on the back totally guttered with no draft at all.   I lost contact with what was left of the main field at 20 miles to go. I was so close!!!! I continued to push on solo with one lap to go.   The Tufts brothers were there cheering me on as I was still top 20 overall. I reached the feed zone, grabbed a bottle and kept pushing.   At this point every part of my body was hurting I could not stand on the pedals as it was seated riding from here on out.  I was exhausted but made it to the top of the climb where I saw a rider in the distance. I kept pushing and reached him at the last climb of the day.    I dropped him on the decent as I knew we were battling for top 20 in the race.  

I reached the finish line after 5 hours 22 minutes and 45 seconds burning close to 6,000 calories, and was covered head to toe in asphalt chucks and dirt (see picture). I finished my first ever Pro 1/2 Copperopolis road race in 18th overall and was also the 4th place Category 2 rider.  I earned some valuable upgrade points as well!

This race was coolest, hardest race I have ever done.   Some say against the hardest field that has lined up here in years. To me, this is my best performance all year.   My teammates did everything possible to help me.   I am so thankful to them.   I know next year I can be top 10 if not top five.

Thank you to all my supporters and sponsors I can’t wait for my next race and to race this race again next year!

Thanks Timmy Bauer

Sequoia Cycling Classic

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Sequoia Cycling Classic
Visalia, CA
P/1/2  Criterium  $3,000 Purse
Team:  Josh Carling, Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

I must admit, I wanted to get one of our riders on the Podium.  I wanted to prove that teamwork and sacrifice is more powerful than numbers.   Three team riders committed to each other can outperform a team of ten riders who are focused on individual success. 

The race.  The Sequoia Cycling Classic race is a fast, six corner criterium located in downtown Visalia.   Visalia is a great location for a SoCal vs NorCal showdown.   Bring some of the fastest crit riders from both districts, add $3,000 and you are sure to see some fireworks.  The venue was fantastic.   The promoters built a great course, created a great vibe with food expo, vendor expo and of course, a beer garden. 

Last week, I contacted the race promoter.   I wanted to do the race and he wanted us there.  He offered free booth space in exchange for bringing down a team.   After agreeing to the deal, we put our rider list together and headed south.   Josh, Bob and Timmy were on board. Kevin and Matt Tufts had previous engagements and Sam and Kristen were up training in Woodland.   Bob and I drove down Saturday night while Timmy and Josh drove up Sunday morning. 

The Plan.   BE FLEXIBLE.   Allow the race to develop and be fluid with our strategy.   Bob’s job was to follow any dangerous moves, get in breaks and take pressure off our team.  If a break went away with Bob in it, we felt confident Bob could win the race out of the break.    Timmy was there to support Josh.  Josh was there to win!

The race.   It was fast!   The first part of the race was controlled with no real moves  or dangerous attacks.   I believe riders did not want to show their hand too early because too much money was at stake for 75 minutes’ worth of racing.   Around 25 minutes into the race, the attacks started with hopes of building the correct combination of riders represented in the break.  If the right combo went away, the peloton would let them go.   Bob was very attentive covering virtually every important move.   While Bob was up the road, Josh sat near the front in position to join a counter move.  I was hoping a second move would go with Josh attached.  This would have given us both Josh and Bobby up the road with Timmy waiting.   It did not happen.   Eventually, all breaks came back.

With around five laps to go, Bob came back to the peloton after being off the front.  As he positioned back into the peloton, there was a crash.   Bob was caught behind the crash which ended his day.  

This is when the race became a blur.    As I recall, four riders slipped off the front and gained 10 seconds on the group.   The peloton struggled to pull them back.   The attacks came fast and furious.   It was hard to control the race at this point.  Personally, I did not think we would bring back to break.  But, as things happen in bike racing, the break played a bit of cat and mouse, slowed and ultimately was swallowed by the peloton on the last lap

As crazy as the last few laps were, the race played right into our hands.  With less than one lap to go, the peloton was together and Josh was fresh for the sprint.   The who’s who of NorCal and SoCal sprinters controlled the front going into the last turn.  Josh was in great position.    The last corner setup to be very fast and sketchy.  Pushing through and bumping elbows in the last corner caused Josh to a scrub some speed and he had to re-accelerate to the line.   In the end, Josh came across in third with Timmy further back.  

Third place was a huge success for the team but bittersweet for Josh.   Josh is a warrior and wanted the win!   However, that’s bike racing and third place is pretty darn good for our small program!  

We proved that we belong and can race with the very best teams on the west coast.   I can’t say enough about our wonderful athletes, their supportive families and our sponsors.   There is no question that our success has been a result of teamwork.  Teamwork is the core to racing success and this team proves it week in and week out.  Pics attached.


Winchester Circuit Rae / RKO Tempus Fugit TT

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The team really had a great weekend.

NOTE:  This coming Sunday, the team will travel to Visalia for a big money criterium. I will be there with display and team setup.   Will be fun. 

Winchester Circuit race

Date: 3/25/2017
Riders:  Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

Race:  Cat 2/3

Great course.   Hilly!  Up or down with no flat sections.

The pace started out fast.   Within the first few miles Matt & Kevin Tuffs launched a good move to take some pressure off Bobby & I. Kevin and Matt stayed off the front leading into “the big descent” (I reached speeds of 60mph).  The field came back together at the bottom.   Then comes a 6 to 7 minute climb that reaches a max 18% grade.  At the top, Bobby attacked hard.   One rider went with him and they slipped off the front.  Matt, Kevin and I kept an eye on the field.   We would not allow another move to bridge up to Bobby unless we were in tow. 

Over the next two laps, Bobby’s gap grew to 20 – 45 seconds.   This played into our hands as we did not have to spend energy on the front and could wait for the fireworks to start as the race entered the last couple laps.   Sure enough, with two laps to go, a world class mtb rider for Giant Bicycles tested the front of the peloton with an acceleration.   I noticed right away I was the only one to respond. I knew he was going to go sooner or later so I kept my eye on him.

It’s now the last lap of the race.   Mtb guy and I were both at the front entering the climb.  Bobby and his break away partner were still up the road with a 40 second gap.  As expected, mtb guy attacked.  We hit the climb hard and reached the top in 5 ½ minutes (a strava record for this climb).  I looked back realized it was only mtb guy and me.   We closed the gap to Bobby near the top of the climb,  With 3/4’s of a lap to go, we were a group of four riders with a minute over the main field.  From there on it was acceleration after acceleration.  Bobby and I managed to survive the attacks but I could tell that Bobby was tired after being off the front for most of the race. Coming into the final ascent to the line, mtb guy attacked and I followed.   At 150 meters to go, I started my sprint.  I was under geared and botched the sprint a bit. Two riders came around me at the line.  Bobby came in right behind for fourth. It was a great result for both of us on a very hard course! 

Thanks for reading,

Timmy B


Winchester Circuit Race
Date: 3/25/2017

Pro 1/2 Race

Riders:  Josh Carling and Timmy Bauer

The break between the Cat 2/3 race and P/1/2 race was only 28 minutes.  Yikes!  I had to recover and mentally prepare to “get after it” again for six more laps of hard racing.   Luckily, if things went south for me, we had a fresh Josh, who as you know, can take care of himself in any race!

Evan Huffman showed up for this race   Evan is a world class rider who has spent a couple years in Europe racing at the world tour level.   He now races for Rally Pro Cycling.  

I had faith in Josh I told him before I would do everything I could to help him. It was a smaller field so I knew I had to take up the initiative to set most of the pace that would best suit Josh. Basically from the gun I lead keeping things steady, insuring there were not to many acceleration throughout the course saving Josh's legs for when it mattered and the break went.

After leading the group for 3 laps another pro rider racing with a UK license decided it was time to attack on the main climb.  Josh was on my wheel with Huffman in tow.    I knew I had to get across the gap to the UK rider.   I put my head down and dug real deep. I managed to make it across to the UK rider bringing Josh and Huffman with me.   I pulled right and looked at Josh.  Josh looked solid.   Not me!   I was cooked and blew up.  I was deep in the pain cave after all the tempo I had done plus the previous race.  My legs were yelling quit now sucker. I chose to keep going!  I sat up and waited for the second group to come up.  I sat in with the second group and tried to recover.

With two laps to go and Josh up the road in the front group, I knew I could sit in and wait for the second group sprint.   Since only three riders were in the front break, there was still two spots left on the podium.  I was hurting but decided to hang in there and throw one last effort down in the sprint.    

With 150 meters to go, I launched my sprint.  At 100 meters, one rider came around me.    I slowing reeled him back in at the line and it came down to a bike throw!  He edged me out for fourth.   I made the podium in fifth.  I was still very happy with that! Another Williams rider on the podium! It was a great day of racing for all of us. Josh ended up 3rd overall and I got to get on the podium once again with some of the best racers in the US.

Thanks for reading,

 Timmy B



RKO Tempus Fugit TT
Rider:  Timmy Bauer
Date:  3/26/2017

I am a glutton for punishment.   I doubled up and did two TT’s on Sunday.   Placed second overall. 

Timmy B

Wards Ferry Road Race and Red Kite Criterium

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Wards Ferry Road Race
Pro 1/2

Sonora CA

Riders:  Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

The day started early with a morning drive down highway 49 to the small town of Sonora for one of the best NorCal road races. Dani (wife) and I arrived and parked next to my teammate Bobby Terra.  We prepared for a very hard day in the saddle.   The course was 70 miles with over 8,000 feet of climbing and attracts some of the best climbers in northern California. The race starts off with a two mile neutral section then on to a six lap, 11 mile course.

I rolled off the front on the first lap descent. This was not planned.   Sometimes, my aggressive riding style leads to these situations so I just went with it.     I hit the main climb with a gap but used it to go slow, save energy and allow the peloton to catch me.   Bobby went on the attack once the catch was made.   We had 65 miles to go so no one rider followed Bob’s move.  Bob got a gap and put 30 seconds into the peloton entering lap two. This was great!   Other teams had to work at the front to keep Bob close.   I was able to sit near the front and save energy.    On this course, saving energy is a must because there are no flat areas and over 1000 ft of climbing per lap.

I continued to do my best to conserve energy while Bobby was out front riding hard. At the start of lap three Bobby had 50 seconds on the peloton. Teams kicked up the pace to real Bobby’s threat back.   Bobby eventually was pulled back to the peloton late into lap three.  

Starting lap four, Bobby attacked the field with another rider.   Once again, great for me because other teams would have to chase and I would get a free ride.   With a lap and a half to go, Bobby and the other rider came back to the peloton.   I could feel the nervousness within the peloton.  Those who still had legs were unwilling to let more moves slide off the front.   In other words, no more slipping off the front without a fight.

At the start of lap six, a solo rider attacked and got a gap.    Coming to the feed zone, I heard Bobby from behind yell “Go Timmy”. Two riders attacked and I followed.  We got a gap and were off.     We caught the one solo rider.  This made four, with two from the same team.   After a few attacks, our lead group split into two groups of two.   I was red lining and could not make it into the front group.   That left two off the front, two behind and the peloton farther back.   Two more riders attacked the peloton and bridged up to my chase group.

I attacked the chase group and bridged to the front group.  With 4 miles to go we were now playing cat and mouse. This is where bike racing gets dicey.   If we play games in the front group, other groups will catch us.   Sure enough, the remaining three riders in the chase group caught us.   With three miles to go we were now a group of six.  At one kilometer to go, we were all looking at each other wondering who would attack first. I sat second wheel as we approached 500 meters to go.  The guy on my wheel was constantly looking back waiting for an attack from behind.    As he was looking behind, I started to pull away.    I dropped the hammer knowing it was a bit early but hoping I could catch everyone off guard. With 200 meters I was full gas. With 150 meters I saw one rider come past with another on his wheel.  I continued to go full gas. With 50 meters to go I was exhausted but continued to somehow turn over the peddles. I could hear cheers from my family and my teammate, who had stopped the lap before to save for Sundays racing. I made it to the line for third place.

This was a huge result for me! It was such a fun day on the bike! Thanks to my team mate Bobby & race crew (wife & daughter). 

Thank you for reading and thank you to my sponsors and supporters!

Timmy Bauer   


Red Kite Criterium

Sonora CA

Riders:  Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

It was Timmy’s turn to pay Bob back for the Wards Ferry Road Race!  

Aggressive fun racing.   Three major breaks in the first half of the race.  Bobby was in every break.   All were too big.   Some riders were willing to work while other riders were not.  This typically leads to confusion and failure.   Ultimately, all were brought pack to the peloton.   With 8 laps to go, a group of two riders were up the road.   Bob called Timmy to the front of the peloton.   The plan was simple.  Timmy would attacked with everything he had.  Bob would sit on his wheel.   Timmy’s job was to take Bob across the gap to the break.   Timmy got Bob ¾ of the way before he blew.   Bob crossed the remaing ¼ on his own while Timmy went back to the peloton to block.   Now there were three riders up the road including Bob.  With one to go, the cat and mouse game begin.   The three riders positioned themselves for the three up sprint.   No one wanted to lead it out.  At times they were three across waiting for someone to go.   The peloton was coming up fast.   Bob made his move with 300 meters to go.  He came around the final turn with a gap of four bike lengths and held it to the line for the win.  

Fantastic team win.   Bobby gets the win and Timmy gets Bob into the final break.   This is what teammates are about.  Selfless racing is winning racing.  


land Park Crit and Bariani Road Race

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Race: Land Park Criterium
Date: Saturday 3/11/2017
Racers:  Josh Carling, Bobby Tera, Timmy Bauer, Sam Hill, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts

Course:  1mile+ Criterium in downtown Sacramento

Race Plan:  Keep the race together and save Bobby and Josh for the sprint finish.   This course is perfect for a late attack from Bobby and/or a sprint win for Josh.  Timmy, Sam, Kevin and Matt would cover all attacks.

Race went as planned.  All moves were covered.  With five laps to go, our riders started to find each other and setup for the sprint.  With three laps to go, we were all together and near the front as a team.  Three laps to go and approaching the chicane section on the back end of the course, all heck broke loose and there was a crash.  The crash took out four of our six riders.  Race Over.   These things happen. We are lucky our riders were not hurt, just a few scratches etc…  We will live to fight another day.


Race: Bariani Road Race  70 miles, five lap circuit - 14 miles per lap
Date: Sunday 3/12/2017
Racers:  Josh Carling, Bobby Tera, Timmy Bauer, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts

A typical Bariani day…windy, bad roads and a suffer fest.

Race plan.   Get into a break, hope it sticks with the right combination teams represented and ride hard.  

A course like Bariani can be very tricky.  Riders have to be ultra-aggressive and willing to take chances to make it to the end.   This course has a nasty cross wind section and narrow roads. A rider must push to the front and be ready to fight for position in the cross winds or they will find themselves spit out the back as the peleton forms echelons.  If a rider is strung out at the back of an echelon, kiss your race goodbye.

Josh, Bobby and Timmy took turns trying to get into a meaningful break.  Nothing was sticking.   At the end of three laps, six riders went up the road.  Williams was not represented in the move.  Josh got into a chase group, crossed half the one minute gap to the leaders but could not close.  The chase group came back to the peleton.  At two laps to go, one rider from the lead break blew-up and returned to the peleton.  Now there were five riders up the road with a one minute gap.  Tons of attacks from the remaining 25 riders in the peleton.  Nothing was sticking and the front five riders still had a one minute gap. 

Two laps to go, race is intensely hard, we lose Matt, Kevin and Timmy.   It’s just Josh and Bobby and a small peleton of 20 riders.  Another rider blows up out of the front break.  There are just four riders up the road with the same one minute gap.   At eight kilometers to go, only 10 riders left in the peleton and the gap is down to 30 seconds.   Josh and Bobby are still in the peleton.  Five kilometers to go and one rider from the peloton attacks and slips away.  Bobby attacks and attempts to bridge.  It’s now four riders in the break with less than 30 seconds, one rider crossing the gap and Bobby just behind burying himself to get on the back of the break.  Bobby runs out of real estate and places sixth just a few seconds behind the winning break.   Josh comes across in eighth. 

In the end, we put two riders in the top eight.   Bobby picked up some more points for his Cat one upgrade and Josh proves once again why he is one of the best in NorCal.   I consider this a great day for the team.



Snelling Road Race

Posted by on 3/6/2017

Snelling RR P/1/2:

Selling Road Race is a Northern California spring classic.   Many top US Pro and Elite teams use this race as early season training prior to launching their North American or Europe campaign.

Large budget Pro and Elite teams in attendance:  Rally Pro Cycling, Herbalife Elite, Mikes Bikes Elite, Specialized / Muscle Milk Elite, Cyclesport Elite and Cliff Bar Elite. 

To break the top 10 in a race like this is a huge accomplishment for any team from Northern California.   I am happy to say that Josh Carling placed 8th. I can’t express enough how proud I am of our team.  

Report from Josh Carling:

Williams Cycling was well represented with Matt Tufts, Bobby Terra, Timmy Bauer and myself.

We were lucky to start in the second wave just after noon and it was probably the best weather we've had this winter. I came prepared for nasty conditions, but ended up needing just bib and jersey. After a good hard warm up with the guys, we lined up with a group of seriously talented cyclists. Rally, Mikes Bikes, Herbalife, Cyclesport and others were very well represented. We knew before the start that we would have our hands full. As we rolled out, I had a nice chat with Tom Soladay from Rally. He told me about some of the training they've experienced over the last couple weeks in NorCal. They have ridden some of the best mountain roads that we have in our area as they prepare for racing in Europe in the next couple of months. He told me how shattered he was from some monster days, and that he was looking forward to a much needed day off. He asked about the Williams Cycling team and specifically about the Williams brand. I told him about how we are trying to develop a team with a mix of older experienced riders, with some talented youngsters and truly work together and race as a team. I also told him how supportive Keith Williams has been to me over the years, even when I wasn't on a team that he sponsored. That is a huge part of why I jumped at the opportunity to help Keith start a small elite program to develop on the local level in the NCNCA and hopefully beyond in the future. Anyway, back to the race.

The race was on as soon as we hit the course. A break formed on the first lap with 2 Rally's, a Herbalife and a Mikes. When the Herbalife rider was dropped from the break early into lap two, I knew the Herbalife team would either chase or attack to bridge a rider back up into the break. I told Timmy to be ready to follow. Herbalife tried unsuccessfully several times to get someone across.  Our guys followed several times, but we didn't want to do the work for Herbalife. When there was a lull in the pace, and it seemed Herbalife was pulling their guys off the front, I found myself out front with a gap. I put my head down and continued to push. One rider came across to me and after trading several pulls, we were within 5 seconds of the break. I came around to take my pull and gave everything I could and caught the leaders. My chase companion blew up and couldn't make it across. After sitting at the back and trying to recover, I saw attackers from the pack coming across to the break. We went up a short rise, then we were sucked back into the pack and the attacks came again fast and furious from Rally. I was suffering at this point, being in the red for 10+ minutes and had nothing to respond to the latest attacks. This is where races are won and it was this point when the winning break went up the road. It consisted of Tom Soladay, Jesse Anthony and Emerson Oronte of Rally, Justin Mauch and Chris Harland-Dunaway of Herbalife and Chris Riekert of Mikes Bikes. HD soon flatted out of the break to make it five up the road. I recovered in the pack and Timmy was dropped after the massive accelerations with some bad leg pains. We were down to three guys and were pretty much at the mercy of the pack at this point. Bobby and Matt were very attentive at the front to make sure we didn't miss a split in the group. We occasionally rolled through at the front, but mostly followed wheels as other riders attacked. It was mostly uneventful until the last lap when the break was officially gone and riders, mostly the left over Rally guys began to attack. We covered pretty well, but at some point Brad Huff and Charlie Velez got away with solo moves. I don't know what happened with Huff as he wasn't placed in the results, but Charlie held off the field to finish sixth. Coming into the final 3k, Matt took me to the front. Bobby came up from behind and took a massive pull at about 2k to help bring back Shane Kline of Rally and one other. Matt gave one more surge at about 1500 meters and I was able to surf and grab another Rally guy, Eric Young's wheel with 1k to go. After a couple guys took flyers, I went through the final corner third wheel, 400 meters from the line, right behind Young. He powered up the slight rise out of the corner and it was all I could do just to hold his wheel. I tried to accelerate past at 100m, but didn't have any pop left and rolled across behind Eric Young for 8th overall.  Rally swept the podium with Soladay taking the win. I guess these NorCal roads have boosted his fitness.  Hopefully days like this can help him and the Rally boys gain fitness as they head off to race in Europe.  I know for me and the Williams Cycling team, races like this are a huge benefit as we prepare to take on whatever race is up next on the calendar.

Thanks for reading,
Josh Carling


Chico Stage Race

Posted by on 2/28/2017
Hi All,

"Athletic competition clearly defines the unique power of our attitude"

Bart Starr

I love this quote.  Attitude and approach is everything with regard to athletic competition and life.

Chico stage race is the start to the domestic bicycle racing scene.   This race offers multiple stages and an opportunity for teams to fine tune their fitness and teamwork skills.

At Williams, we decided to take a split team approach.   Our young bucks Timmy Bauer, Sam Hill and Bobby Terra would race the Cat 2's and our older, more experienced riders Josh Carling, Matt Tuft and Kevin Tuft would race the Masters 35+ 1/2/3.  Kristen Hill would race the  Women's 3/4 category. 

Masters 35 35+ 1/2/3

Stage One: Thunder Hill Raceway 2 mile circuit race.

What can I say, Josh won the race by destroying everyone in the field sprint by five bike lengths.   This put Josh in the leaders Jersey (pic attached)  A great first race win for the team.   The hidden and underlying story is all about the Tuft brothers.   In cycling, you can't win unless you have a supporting cast who is willing to commit everything of themselves to get the team leader in position to win the race.   Kevin and Matt chased every break down, kept Josh safe and dropped him off in position to win the race.   To create and execute a plan is a rewarding experience.

Stage Two:   Paskenta 90 miles rolling road race with a four mile gravel section per lap.  

Repeat of the circuit race.  The Tuft brothers did the job of six riders by chasing every break down and controlling the race.   Josh was on his own leading into the difficult final seven miles to the finish line   One rider attacked the peloton and was strong enough to stay away for the win.  Josh was second in the filed sprint for 3rd. (pic attached)

Stage Three:   Eight mile time trial

The Tuft brothers job was to save energy and go easy during the TT.   Josh went hard and placed 8th.

Stage Four:   Chico downtown criterium  six corner fast course

Awesome race to watch.   In the end, two riders escaped the peloton and stayed away for first and second.   Josh won the field sprint for 3rd.  

Summary:  Josh Carling was on the podium three out of four races and wore the overall leaders jersey after stage one.   Josh finished 7th overall. 
Category 2 race

Stage One: Thunder Hill Raceway 2 mile circuit race.

The plan:   Protect our team leader, TImmy Bauer.   Put Bobby in as many breaks as possible to force other teams to work hard and use precious energy controlling the race.   If there is a field sprint at the end, setup Sam for the win.

Bobby ended up going solo for many laps.  He showed some serious heart and power.  Eventually, Bobby was caught by the peloton which led to a counter attack.   Three riders went up the road a stayed away to take 1st thru 3rd.  Timmy stayed safe and finished with the field.

Stage Two:   Paskenta 90 miles rolling road race with a 4 mile gravel section per lap.  

Timmy rode a heck of a race.  This was a race of attrition with only a handful of riders remaining in the front group  at the end.  Timmy placed 7th.  Sam (17 years old) had a fantastic race.   He stayed with the best through 70 miles only to be popped off the back through a very difficult section of the course.   It's always great to see a young,  up and coming talent have a great day on the bike.  

Stage Three:   Eight mile time trial

Sam and Bobby went easy to conserve for the criterium.  Timmy let it fly and placed 13th which moved him up to 11th overall going into the final stage. 

Stage Four:   Chico downtown criterium    Six corner fast course
Final stage.   We were not going to get Timmy on to the general classification podium so we decided to try and blow the criterium race apart by means of  "shock and awe".   The boys put on a show!   Massive kudos to Bobby Terra who spent most of the race off the front in groups of two or three riders.   The kid kept attacking and attacking.  He showed heart and talent.   Timmy and Sam both took turns attacking after Bobby would be reeled back in by the peloton.  There was not a moment when Williams was not attacking and making the race incredibly hard for all.   The very end was awesome.   Bobby took a flyer with a half a lap to go and almost made it to the line. He was caught with 100 meters to go.  Sam Hill (known as the silent assassin) had a break out race showing he can attack and ride the front with the best.

Summary:   Timmy placed 11th overall.   We proved that a small team of three riders can race hard, fire up the crowds and create an entertaining experience for the fans. 
Women's 3/4

Stage One:  Paskenta 45 mile road race.

Kristen Hill.   We all know that Kristen's fitness has been on the upswing over the last couple months.   Well, she proved it today.   Kristen bridged the gap from the peloton to the front breakway on her own.   She stayed with the break all the way to the difficult gravel section of Paskenta.   She held on for an impressive 19th.

Stage Two:  Downtown Criterium

Another big stage for Kristen.   After a hard fought road race, there is always a concern in the back of a riders head if they went  too hard on the previous stage and will there be anything left in the tank for the next stage.   Kristen attacked the field with 2 laps to go! So yeah, her legs were good.  She couldn't make it stick for the win but showed herself and the crowds that she was here to win!   I loved watching the race.

Stage Three:  TT

A solid 16th place effort which put her 16th overall for the stage race.
Summary:  Chico stage race was a huge success for the team riders and sponsors.   The riders had a great time and put on a great show for the fans. We received tons of publicity from the announcers all weekend.  I believe the race organizers loved our aggressive, all for one and one for all, approach to racing bicycles.  

On deck:  The famous Snelling road race.   3/4/2017


Getting ready for Chico Stage Race

Posted by on 2/21/2017
No racing last weekend....thank goodness!☔☔☔☔☔

ON DECK:  Chico Stage Race   Feb 24/25/26.  Chico Stage Race has quickly become one of the most important early season stage races on the west coast.   Many top pro women and men teams use this race to kick off their 2017 season. 

Website:   http://www.chicostagerace.com/

How Williams will position for this race?   We have decided not to race the Pro/1 category.  Big budget teams such as Rally Pro Cycling, Jelly Belly Pro Cycling, Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling etc... have too much fire power for our team.   Rather than get lost in the pack racing for 30th, we plan to divide and win in other important race categories.

Part 1.   Bob Terra, Sam Hill and Timmy Bauer will enter the Cat 2 event.  I believe we have a chance to win the overall race with Timmy.   Timmy has shown incredible fitness this time of the year.  Quite frankly, as long as there are no disasters, Timmy will win the overall.   This does not mean Sam and Bob can't win the overall.    We have the potential to win multiple stages and put all three in the top five overall.  

Part 2.   Josh Carling, Kevin Tuft and Matt Tuft will enter the Masters 35+ 1/2/3 event.  Josh will go in as the heavy favorite to win the circuit and criterium races.  If the legs are feeling good, Josh could place high in the road and TT race putting him on the podium for the overall.   The Tuft bothers will be there to keep Josh out of trouble.  

Kristen Hill.   Kristen will take on the W 3/4 race.  With Kristen's fitness coming up, a stage race is the perfect fit.   Look for Kristen to hold her power and wear out her opponents as the stages click by and other riders fatigue.  

Keith Williams and Josh Geiszler.  Josh and I will leave first thing Friday morning and arrive in Chico in time for the circuit race.   I will act as director of both squads and Josh will be the team mechanic.  

We will have a couple team tents and full display of Williams products etc... 
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