Winchester Circuit Rae / RKO Tempus Fugit TT

Posted by on 3/28/2017
The team really had a great weekend.

NOTE:  This coming Sunday, the team will travel to Visalia for a big money criterium. I will be there with display and team setup.   Will be fun. 

Winchester Circuit race

Date: 3/25/2017
Riders:  Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

Race:  Cat 2/3

Great course.   Hilly!  Up or down with no flat sections.

The pace started out fast.   Within the first few miles Matt & Kevin Tuffs launched a good move to take some pressure off Bobby & I. Kevin and Matt stayed off the front leading into “the big descent” (I reached speeds of 60mph).  The field came back together at the bottom.   Then comes a 6 to 7 minute climb that reaches a max 18% grade.  At the top, Bobby attacked hard.   One rider went with him and they slipped off the front.  Matt, Kevin and I kept an eye on the field.   We would not allow another move to bridge up to Bobby unless we were in tow. 

Over the next two laps, Bobby’s gap grew to 20 – 45 seconds.   This played into our hands as we did not have to spend energy on the front and could wait for the fireworks to start as the race entered the last couple laps.   Sure enough, with two laps to go, a world class mtb rider for Giant Bicycles tested the front of the peloton with an acceleration.   I noticed right away I was the only one to respond. I knew he was going to go sooner or later so I kept my eye on him.

It’s now the last lap of the race.   Mtb guy and I were both at the front entering the climb.  Bobby and his break away partner were still up the road with a 40 second gap.  As expected, mtb guy attacked.  We hit the climb hard and reached the top in 5 ½ minutes (a strava record for this climb).  I looked back realized it was only mtb guy and me.   We closed the gap to Bobby near the top of the climb,  With 3/4’s of a lap to go, we were a group of four riders with a minute over the main field.  From there on it was acceleration after acceleration.  Bobby and I managed to survive the attacks but I could tell that Bobby was tired after being off the front for most of the race. Coming into the final ascent to the line, mtb guy attacked and I followed.   At 150 meters to go, I started my sprint.  I was under geared and botched the sprint a bit. Two riders came around me at the line.  Bobby came in right behind for fourth. It was a great result for both of us on a very hard course! 

Thanks for reading,

Timmy B


Winchester Circuit Race
Date: 3/25/2017

Pro 1/2 Race

Riders:  Josh Carling and Timmy Bauer

The break between the Cat 2/3 race and P/1/2 race was only 28 minutes.  Yikes!  I had to recover and mentally prepare to “get after it” again for six more laps of hard racing.   Luckily, if things went south for me, we had a fresh Josh, who as you know, can take care of himself in any race!

Evan Huffman showed up for this race   Evan is a world class rider who has spent a couple years in Europe racing at the world tour level.   He now races for Rally Pro Cycling.  

I had faith in Josh I told him before I would do everything I could to help him. It was a smaller field so I knew I had to take up the initiative to set most of the pace that would best suit Josh. Basically from the gun I lead keeping things steady, insuring there were not to many acceleration throughout the course saving Josh's legs for when it mattered and the break went.

After leading the group for 3 laps another pro rider racing with a UK license decided it was time to attack on the main climb.  Josh was on my wheel with Huffman in tow.    I knew I had to get across the gap to the UK rider.   I put my head down and dug real deep. I managed to make it across to the UK rider bringing Josh and Huffman with me.   I pulled right and looked at Josh.  Josh looked solid.   Not me!   I was cooked and blew up.  I was deep in the pain cave after all the tempo I had done plus the previous race.  My legs were yelling quit now sucker. I chose to keep going!  I sat up and waited for the second group to come up.  I sat in with the second group and tried to recover.

With two laps to go and Josh up the road in the front group, I knew I could sit in and wait for the second group sprint.   Since only three riders were in the front break, there was still two spots left on the podium.  I was hurting but decided to hang in there and throw one last effort down in the sprint.    

With 150 meters to go, I launched my sprint.  At 100 meters, one rider came around me.    I slowing reeled him back in at the line and it came down to a bike throw!  He edged me out for fourth.   I made the podium in fifth.  I was still very happy with that! Another Williams rider on the podium! It was a great day of racing for all of us. Josh ended up 3rd overall and I got to get on the podium once again with some of the best racers in the US.

Thanks for reading,

 Timmy B



RKO Tempus Fugit TT
Rider:  Timmy Bauer
Date:  3/26/2017

I am a glutton for punishment.   I doubled up and did two TT’s on Sunday.   Placed second overall. 

Timmy B

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