Williams Trans Water Bottle Cage

Part Number:427
Williams Trans Water Bottle Cage
On sale $15.00

We have revolutionized the bottle cage!

Imagine a smooth line bottle cage using PC material hooks with carbon material holder.  Mix colors freely to achieve the look you want from your cages.  Your cage can now combine appearance and function.  Each carbon bottle cage will come with 5 sets of colored hooks.

  • Black (Installed with each cage)
  • Red
  • White
  • Teal Green
  • Blue

We have bottle cages on our bikes to hold water bottles. That's a simple statement, but in many people's rush to create the lightest, craziest bottle cage they often lose sight of the fact that a bottle cage isn't a hood ornament, it's an important functional component of a bicycle. That's why our primary concern when designing our bottle cage was making sure that it would hold a bottle, and hold it well.

So we've created a cage with such good retention and durability that it will hang onto a bottle over Pennsylvania potholes, Belgian cobbles and everything in between. It doesn't hurt that our bottle cage weighs only 39g, and no one's docking us points for having a sleek UD finish, but we didn't sacrifice function to hit those marks.

We just created the most resilient, best retention cage we could, and if it also happens to be light and look great, well, you can't fault us for that.

  • New revolution
  • Each cage includes 5 sets of colored hooks
  • Mix any hooks freely to achieve the look you want
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber
  • Excellent bottle retention
  • Only 39g

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