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Wheel System 30 Carbon Tubular

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  • 30mm advanced aerodynamic rim profile
  • 25mm wide rim at braking surface
  • Blunt edge technology
  • Hand built construction
  • Full carbon tubular rims
  • Hybrid ceramic bearings
  • Advanced layup for high strength and low weight
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • 190 lb weight limit
  • 1390 grams per set
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  • Your Savings:$1,201.00
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WORLD CLASS Performance.

Take a look at the pro peloton and it's obvious the race wheels of choice are aero carbon tubulars. The Williams 30s are designed as a multi-purpose wheelset ready for almost any course, and that's not just empty talk. Favored by USA Cycling U23 team, athletes have ridden the 30s to victory in races ranging from tortuous mountain stages to banzai technical criteriums and even cyclocross races.

The 30mm deep carbon rims give you the aero advantage you need for long efforts off the front while staying light enough to tackle the most daunting climbs. Our updated rim utilizes a U-shaped design allowing for enhanced aerodynamics while providing more stable and predictable ride characteristics. Hybrid ceramic bearings give you ultra low rolling resistance and excellent durability, and our advanced carbon layup keeps the rims stiff, snappy and responsive for even the most technical riding.  Exceptional performance and unrivaled versatility make the Williams 30s the weapon of choice for racers who demand nothing short of the best. 190lb rider weight limit.

Wheelset comes with:

  • Front wheel
  • Rear wheel
  • Quick release skewers
  • Williams carbon brake pads
  • 2 valve extenders

Spoke count
1390g (pair)


Axle length

Shimano 9/10/11sp
Quick release
Williams 53g
Williams 58

2 x non drive / 2 x drive
30mm deep 25 wide
30mm deep
25 wide

Sapim CX-Ray
Sapim CX-Ray
Stainless steel
Stainless steel




Zipp 303 - $2,300

HED Stinger 4 Flamme Rouge - $2,100

Reynolds Forty Six - $2,000

WILLIAMS 30-$1099



Carbon Braking Surface

1. High TG resin ceramic fiber composite reinforced braking surface
maximizes high performance braking.

Under high use and high friction the rim keeps lateral specification while there is a significant reduction in the thermal expansion on the braking surface as compared to ordinary carbon fiber rims. It also offers a longevity to the rim that products of the past could not.

2. Engineered profile design
Offers a stiffer rim characteristic that increases the ride performance for climbing, high speed acceleration and reaction as well as premium track performance.

3.  Special design of the brake pad compound which has special heat dissipation properties to eliminate overheating. State of the art ACL carbon fiber usage. Advanced Carbon Layers offer optimal balance of strength-to-weight ratio.

Williams new hubs incorporate revolutionary new designs along with a cassette body that contains 6 Pawls, 60 Ratchets.

The 6 pawls have been engineered to divide the engagement into 2 groups that are 3 pawls or 6 pawls in the engagement process. Each group of pawls engages into ratchet ring at the same time whenever drive torque is applied, this translates into faster and more efficient power transfer. In addition we have added a high-strength, hardness and precision fine extrusion process to the pawls and overall design.

6 pawls engage with 60 ratchets faster and smoother than traditional hubs equaling better power transfer

Each pawl has triple tips making more contact points than any other hub on the market:
» 18 contact point engagement with 6 pawls

Interchangeable Cassette Body
Our road hubs feature a fast and convenient way of
changing the cassette body without the use of separate
adapters or fancy tools.

Interchangeable cassette body options:
» Campagnolo 11-speed
» Shimano 10-speed
» Shimano 11-speed

CX-RAY - As light as a titanium spoke

The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile.  CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world.  Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production make this all possible. 

  • More long lasting than any other spokes on the market.Extremely high fatigue test results
  • Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production.
  • The best aerodynamic spoke available.
  • Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel conforming to the Sapim quality standard specifications.
  • Strength on middle section: 1600 N/mm
  • Sizes: 2,0 - (0,9x2,2) - 2,0 mm
  • Elliptic aero part

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Williams road wheels utilize high quality hybrid ceramic bearings for better increased rolling performance.


  • Bearing is ABEC 3.
  • Si3N4 ball is Grade 5. (Grease working temperature is from +177 degree C to -40 degree C.)

Hybrid ball bearings with steel rings and ceramic balls have become indispensable for many advanced applications.  Among the ceramic material, silicon nitride (Si3N4) is excellent for use in precision ball bearings.

The advantages include:

Temperature Range
Standard bearings reduce their hardness and fatigue lives when they are continuously used in high operating temperatures.  Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is suitable to be used in high temperature environments without loss of its hardness and life endurance.  With its rings made of special steel for high temperatures, hybrid bearings with ceramic balls are successfully used in the field of high temperatures.
The specific gravity of ceramic material is one-half that of bearing steel.  For this reason, use of ceramic balls with smaller ball diameter greatly reduces the influence of centrifugal force (ball sliding and spinning caused by gyratory moment).
Thermal Expansion
The thermal expansion of silicon nitride (Si3N4) is one forth that of bearing steel.  For this reason, use of ceramic reduces the influence of dimensional change due to different operating temperatures.  It is suitable for silicon nitride to be used in a wide range of temperature operations.
Hardness, Young’s Modulus, Poisson Ratio
The Young’s modulus of ceramic material is approximately 1.5 times that of bearing steel.  The rigidity of these ball bearings is, therefore, greatly increased.

 Hybrid ceramic bearing precautions:

Hybrid ceramic bearings can be damaged by high impact loads.  Therefore, hybrid ceramic bearings perform best when limited to road use.

Extra care should be taken to reduce the risk of dirt and debris contaminating the bearings.  Do not pressure wash your Williams hubs.

100% hand built wheels

Every single Williams wheel is 100% hand built to the highest standards. Yes, it’s faster and cheaper to use machine builds, but if you want a perfectly true and balanced wheel it must be hand built. That’s why from the first nipple to the last twist of the spoke wrench Williams wheels are built entirely by hand. And once they’re finished, each and every wheel is tested to ensure that it is dished, true, and balanced to within fractions of a millimeter.


While taking advantage of the latest component technology to make our wheel systems lighter and stronger, Williams Cycling provides for easy maintenance through or standards-based technology.

We believe that a standards-based wheel design is key to providing our customers with easy serviceability and maintenance. Standard wheel design gives customers the benefit of years of research and development from the entire industry, not from just one company. Unlike proprietary wheel technology...standards give customers choices.

What is standards-based technology? It is where the spoke joins the hub and rim in a traditional fashion. Standard hub and rim fastening makes it easy for customers and local mechanics to true a wheel.

This results in:

  • Easy maintenance
  • No need to take the tube and tire off to true the wheel
  • No need to send the wheel back to the proprietary wheel factory for retruing or repairs
  • No need to spend time and money on wheel shipments back and forth to the factory

With standards-based technology, the customer is in control of service and maintenance without giving up performance.

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