Wards Ferry Road Race and Red Kite Criterium

Posted by on 3/20/2017
Wards Ferry Road Race
Pro 1/2

Sonora CA

Riders:  Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

The day started early with a morning drive down highway 49 to the small town of Sonora for one of the best NorCal road races. Dani (wife) and I arrived and parked next to my teammate Bobby Terra.  We prepared for a very hard day in the saddle.   The course was 70 miles with over 8,000 feet of climbing and attracts some of the best climbers in northern California. The race starts off with a two mile neutral section then on to a six lap, 11 mile course.

I rolled off the front on the first lap descent. This was not planned.   Sometimes, my aggressive riding style leads to these situations so I just went with it.     I hit the main climb with a gap but used it to go slow, save energy and allow the peloton to catch me.   Bobby went on the attack once the catch was made.   We had 65 miles to go so no one rider followed Bob’s move.  Bob got a gap and put 30 seconds into the peloton entering lap two. This was great!   Other teams had to work at the front to keep Bob close.   I was able to sit near the front and save energy.    On this course, saving energy is a must because there are no flat areas and over 1000 ft of climbing per lap.

I continued to do my best to conserve energy while Bobby was out front riding hard. At the start of lap three Bobby had 50 seconds on the peloton. Teams kicked up the pace to real Bobby’s threat back.   Bobby eventually was pulled back to the peloton late into lap three.   

Starting lap four, Bobby attacked the field with another rider.   Once again, great for me because other teams would have to chase and I would get a free ride.   With a lap and a half to go, Bobby and the other rider came back to the peloton.   I could feel the nervousness within the peloton.  Those who still had legs were unwilling to let more moves slide off the front.   In other words, no more slipping off the front without a fight.

At the start of lap six, a solo rider attacked and got a gap.    Coming to the feed zone, I heard Bobby from behind yell “Go Timmy”. Two riders attacked and I followed.  We got a gap and were off.     We caught the one solo rider.  This made four, with two from the same team.   After a few attacks, our lead group split into two groups of two.   I was red lining and could not make it into the front group.   That left two off the front, two behind and the peloton farther back.   Two more riders attacked the peloton and bridged up to my chase group.

I attacked the chase group and bridged to the front group.  With 4 miles to go we were now playing cat and mouse. This is where bike racing gets dicey.   If we play games in the front group, other groups will catch us.   Sure enough, the remaining three riders in the chase group caught us.   With three miles to go we were now a group of six.  At one kilometer to go, we were all looking at each other wondering who would attack first. I sat second wheel as we approached 500 meters to go.  The guy on my wheel was constantly looking back waiting for an attack from behind.    As he was looking behind, I started to pull away.    I dropped the hammer knowing it was a bit early but hoping I could catch everyone off guard. With 200 meters I was full gas. With 150 meters I saw one rider come past with another on his wheel.  I continued to go full gas. With 50 meters to go I was exhausted but continued to somehow turn over the peddles. I could hear cheers from my family and my teammate, who had stopped the lap before to save for Sundays racing. I made it to the line for third place. 

This was a huge result for me! It was such a fun day on the bike! Thanks to my team mate Bobby & race crew (wife & daughter).  

Thank you for reading and thank you to my sponsors and supporters!

Timmy Bauer   


Red Kite Criterium

Sonora CA

Riders:  Bob Terra, Timmy Bauer

It was Timmy’s turn to pay Bob back for the Wards Ferry Road Race!  

Aggressive fun racing.   Three major breaks in the first half of the race.  Bobby was in every break.   All were too big.   Some riders were willing to work while other riders were not.  This typically leads to confusion and failure.   Ultimately, all were brought pack to the peloton.   With 8 laps to go, a group of two riders were up the road.   Bob called Timmy to the front of the peloton.   The plan was simple.  Timmy would attacked with everything he had.  Bob would sit on his wheel.   Timmy’s job was to take Bob across the gap to the break.   Timmy got Bob ¾ of the way before he blew.   Bob crossed the remaing ¼ on his own while Timmy went back to the peloton to block.   Now there were three riders up the road including Bob.  With one to go, the cat and mouse game begin.   The three riders positioned themselves for the three up sprint.   No one wanted to lead it out.  At times they were three across waiting for someone to go.   The peloton was coming up fast.   Bob made his move with 300 meters to go.  He came around the final turn with a gap of four bike lengths and held it to the line for the win.  

Fantastic team win.   Bobby gets the win and Timmy gets Bob into the final break.   This is what teammates are about.  Selfless racing is winning racing.  


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