Tour De Nez / NorCal-Nevada District Time Trial Chmpionships

Posted by on 6/14/2017

The team got after it at one of the hardest criteriums in the country.  This race is known as Tour De Nez.  The promoters went back to the original course this year.  I for one can tell you that this is a brutally hard race.  The race is at altitude, the course is hilly and so windy that riders are blown all over the course.  The speed is very high and typically single file the entire race.   I was always proud just to finish this race.  Winners of this race prove to be some of the best racers in the country....It is that hard!

Race: Tour De Nez

Location:  Reno, NV
Category: Pro 1/2

Length: 90 minutes

Team: Josh Carling, Kevin Tufts, Timmy Bauer

Tour de Nez was a race I was looking forward as a build up to the brutal Nevada City Classic.

The Tour de Nez race organizers decided to go back to the very difficult “old school course” which included more climbing and cross winds.    I knew this race would be a great test for my current form. My goal was to get a result or bury myself for Josh Carling.  

We arrived early at the race, met with my parents and family.  Josh arrived around three hours before our event at 6:50 pm. We headed out for a fun warm up after the long 2 1/2 hour car ride.  It was terribly windy with gust reaching 35 mph.  More about the wind and racing between buildings / cross winds later. 

After our warmup, we found our third member Kevin Tufts.  I noticed that I had gotten a puncture in my rear tubular tire. I headed over to SRAM neutral support to get a support carbon wheel for the race. When the mechanic was mounting the wheel, he broke my derailleur hanger. With seven minutes until the start I jumped on Josh's bike, rushed to my car found my spare hanger, and managed to get it to the mechanic. In the meantime, they were calling us to the line. I was able to mount a neutral support bike.  It was huge and way too big for me but I was able to start the race. 4 laps in to the race I got word of my bike was ready. I pulled in to neutral support and swapped back to my bike.   I took my free lap (you get one per race for mechanical or crash related issues) and got back in the main group. Whew!!! What a stressful first 10 minutes of the race.

The course was awesome, fast, technical and windy.  With all these conditions it was bound for a break or a small selection. Josh, Kevin and I positioned for this outcome and were responding to moves and trying to follow the right wheels. Around 30 minutes in, two riders got a gap.  Josh and I had missed it.  The two riders continued to expand their gap.  We could hardly see them after a few laps. I moved to the front and did quite a bit of work the next few laps with Bryan Larson trying to pull back the move. After no Luck, Josh attacked to try to bridge the move. I was deep in the red after my crazy start.  

After a lap of fighting,  the main group caught Josh.   Then, as expected, a counter attack of two went up the road.  We now had four riders up the road.   The next 40 minutes was pure hell for me.  I was in the red and the race was incredibly fast and hard.   I was very disappointed we missed the move.   I was not going to give up and continued to lead the field lap after lap.  With 15 minutes to go, the four man group lapped the filed.   At this point, things got crazy as the leaders were attacking each other. I knew I had to do whatever possible to keep the group together and deliver Josh for what we could salvage which was 5th overall.

I continued to work at the front with no help from other teams.  With two laps to go I was still working for Josh.  Josh’s legs were good and he was ready to sprint for 5th.   On the last lap I started to slip back and managed 12th place at the line. Josh won the field sprint for 5th and made it on the podium.

In conclusion, Josh, Kevin and I were so strong.   It was a shame that break got away, but we handled it well and managed a good result.

I can’t thank my family enough for being there to support me and my teammates!

Josh 5th at Tour De Nez

Timmy and family enjoying the Tour De Nez atmosphere

Josh in the front group

Day 2

Loyalton TT District State championships  

40K individual Time trial

Sunday was the NorCal/Nevada time trial championships.   Since I was in Reno and Loyalton was only 30 minutes away, why not give the TT race a go!  It was my first time doing a 40 kilometer time trial.  I figured no matter what it was great experience and good practice for future stage races. 

The course was windy and very flat.  The first 5 miles things were going great I was caching my 30 second man. We turned left and hit a straight headwind and my legs were not so happy.  That’s when things got real.

With 19 miles left to go, the legs were not having it. I kept my head down and kept pushing.  The overall winner caught and passed me.   It was a blow to my confidence but I knew I still had a shot at second or third.  At the half way turn around, I caught my 30 second rider and passed him.  I also noticed my minute rider was close on my heels. My thoughts were positive “hey third is still a possibility…. keep fighting”. So I kept on pushing, hitting the last straightaway hard as possible. My legs were not good but that didn’t matter.   TT’s are about giving it everything no matter the pain or conditions.  I reached the line with a 26.1 MPH average over the windy 40 kilometers course.  I gave it my best shot and learned from the race.  After waiting for results I ended up 4th.  It was a great experience and enjoyed sharing this experience with my entire family.  

Thanks for reading,   Timmy B.

Timmy digging deep!
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