Williams Cycling occupies a unique niche in the bicycle industry. We focus on being a nimble organization that maintains direct contact with our customers while simultaneously utilizing the same world-class resources as the large players of the global industry. We have all the benefits of the world’s best engineering teams, production lines, and testing facilities with the ability to quickly implement the newest technology without bureaucratic hurdles. This allows us both a top down and bottom up approach to R&D, plus the flexibility to quickly implement new designs.

Top down advances in R&D occur when specialists in the industry develop new materials or techniques that enable them to push the limits of design. This is a successful model that has produced all the big technological advances in the modern bicycle industry. But it can get better, and the top down advances work best when paired with a bottom up approach. Bottom up advances occur when riders, the experts with intimate knowledge of the product from daily use, have road-tested ideas to help direct and improve product development.

We take feedback seriously, and the feedback we receive from riders is invaluable in the development process of our products. When riders contact us with ideas, be they experienced professional racers on our sponsored teams or enthusiastic weekend warriors, their feedback is funneled directly to the key decision makers at Williams. Combining the vast wealth of knowledge gleaned from the countless riders using our products with the expertise of the industry’s leading engineers, we’re able to develop and produce truly innovative components.

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