Spokes and Nipples

Spokes and Nipples

Williams exclusively uses Sapim spokes and nipples. 

  • Sapim is considered the best spoke manufacturer in the world.  
  • Sapim specializes in high performance spokes and nipples for both amateur and professional use.


Built with CX Ray Spokes:  Williams System 22, 25, 31, 38, 45, 58, 85

The Sapim CX-Ray spoke is widely considered to be the premium aerodynamic spoke available today. With fatigue testing regularly giving them the highest possible marks, their unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray ubiquitous in high-end road wheels.

   Extremely high fatigue test results for unsurpassed durability.

   Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel.

   Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production.

Technical specs

Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 272 g
Quality: AISI 302
Strength on middle section: 1600 N/mm2


Length: 135-310 mm
Diameter: 2.0 - (0.9x2.2) - 2.0 mm
Elliptic aero part

Built with D-Light Spokes: Williams System 35, CYCLO-CROSS

The needs of top quality MTB wheels are:

  • Maximum strength
  • Minimum weight
  • Reasonable prices
  • Disc brake approval
  • Suitability for production line builds
  • Easy wheel building by hand

The short 2mm section of the d-Light reduces weight especially on the threaded side. The 2mm section starts just at the beginning of the thread. Therefore, the rotating masses at the end of the spoke are especially reduced. This brings benefits to both the acceleration and braking qualities of the wheel. The use of 14G nipples offers a wide variety of combinations.
The middle section is increased to 1,65mm, which makes the spoke much stiffer and brings less torsion during truing than a 1,5mm middle section. This results in an easier building process of the wheels.

Technical specs

Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 307 g
Quality: Stainless
Strength on middle section: 1370 N/mm2


Length: 135-310 mm
Diameter: 2.0 - 1.65 - 2.0 mm

Sapim Polyax Brass Nipples

All Williams wheels built with Polyax nipples. 

The round shape of the head of the polyax nipples works like a ball-joint between the rim and the nipple ensuring a better spoke/nipple line. Polyax nipples are offerred in 12, 14, and 16 mm.




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