Oakland Grand Prix - NCNCA Crit Championships

Posted by on 9/28/2017

Oakland Grand Prix California Crit Championships

Pro 1/2

61 Racers

Williams Racers: Bobby Terra and Timmy Bauer


Bobby & I met up in the town of Oakland California for the last event on the NCNCA calendar the Oakland grand prix. We were excited and motivated to finish Williams cycling great year off with a bang! Unfortunately, due to a sickness, the Tuft brothers had to pull out which was a bummer. In addition, Bobby had crashed the day prior doing some cyclocross season prep, but was still ready to go race hard. We took the last start line of the 2017 road season and set off to race against a stacked field of California's best racers.


Though the numbers were against us we did not disappoint. We rode smart and hard. A three man break escaped about mid-way into the race precisely when I hit a huge hole and thought I had possible punctured. I was a bit in shock that I was still on two wheels after a crazy ride through a huge set of holes on the course. Bobby moved up next to me and said hey “you ok man.”  I said “I think so”. After a few corners I was able to confirm my wheel was ok and no flat tire. The break was pretty established at that point Bobby gave a go at bridging but no luck. The three riders had escaped us and the rest of the field.


The pace stayed high through the rest of the race and it was very fun. The course is rough and has some very technical corners which suited both of us well and we were showing it by riding the front with ease throughout the race. With two to go I got stuck outside on the hair pin and lost my good positioning but I saw bobby wiz by on the inside. Coming to the last lap I was further back than I wanted I had to make up ground so I used my power, got out in the wind and moved up where ever I could. Coming to the last few corners Bobby was sitting in the top 4 and I was only a few spots behind him. The last stretch was an all-out sprint.  I still remember ripping the last corner so fast on the outside that I was unsure if I would stay upright. By the finish Line Bobby was 7th overall and 5th in the field sprint, and I managed 10th overall and 8th in the field sprint. Against this huge field it was a total success for both of us!


We had a blast and rode great and both of us finish in the top 10 Overall, and Bobby's 7th place landed him 2nd overall in the U23 State crit championship! It was a awesome day of racing thank you for reading and all your support throughout the year!


Thanks for reading!      


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