Modesto Criterium and Road Race

Posted by on 5/24/2017
Another fun weekend of racing for the team.  We have some cool pics attached to the email..

Race: Modesto Criterium
Pro 1/2
Date: Saturday 5/20
Riders:  Sam Hill, Robert Terra, Matt Tufts

The heat takes it's toll!

I made the trek from Placerville Ca to the central valley town of Modesto to get a healthy helping of Vitamin D, and the weather did not disappoint. Choosing to race the Master 35+ 123 as a warm up turned out to be the incorrect decision, as it was the first hot race of the year for me. I found myself in a break of 4, but we were reeled in after 5 laps or so. Spending the rest of the race debating on just how hard I wanted to work with the next race looming, I pulled the plug for a mid pack finish and went straight to some shade and ice water to cool down.

Let me just say that I dig this course! Not your boring office park, a downtown circuit with 8 turns to make position and smarts a key component of the race, which I like. During a brief meeting before the race, Bobby's girlfriend Sami hooked us all up with ice-filled panty hose to stuff inside the Pearl Izumi Mach Five Speedsuits. It worked really well for the first 20 minutes! I told Bobby and Sam that I wasn't sure how my legs would be after the master's race, and that I would cover early moves so they could stay fresh for the end. My legs however proved me a liar and after the first two laps I was tail-gunning for much of the race. Not to worry, because Bobby is on form! First attack he is all over it, and if he has to ride himself into the ground, he is going to make a break! I swear there were no fewer than 12 break attempts and he was in 11 of them. Unfortunately, the one he missed was the one that stuck. Everyone knows how strong Bobby is, and he's marked everywhere he goes.

In the middle of the race, Sam makes a sneaky move and launches off the front of the group! It was so sly I didn't even see it happen, and nobody else did either! There was a little panic from the field as Sam's dark kit emerged from the shadows 100 feet off the front! Eventually the heat collected it's due, and Sam was forced to rejoin the charging group. 

With about 20 min or so left I mustered up what little strength I had, got Bobby on my wheel and gave a hard dig to try to bridge him up to the break. You can really feel the stiff Williams System 45's accelerate like a rocket, and even Dave Grundman had a hard time grabbing the move! Katie Truong got a good pic of that moment here:

Unfortunately Owen Gillot had Bobby's wheel, and nobody wanted to let either one of them get up the road. A couple of late attacks later, and Bobby and one other rider stayed away until the finish. With the leading break of 5 up the road, Bobby ends up 7th!

All in all it was a great showing from Williams Cycling, and we are starting to be a known force in Nor

Cal. Thanks for reading!

Check out the great pic of Matt setting Bob up for an attack.   There is another great pic of Sam sneaking off the front.

Matt Tufts

Race: Modesto Criterium
Men Cat 4/5
Date: Saturday 5/20
Riders:  Kristen Hill

Props to Kristen for starting the day racing the men’s cat 4/5 race.  Racing with the men is a great way for Kristen to develop speed and power.  

There is an old and true saying in bike racing “you race enough and you will have your share of crashes”    Sometimes crashing is self-induced, while other times it is the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Unfortunately, Kristen was caught up in a crash and went down.   Like a trooper, she picked herself up and headed over to the medical tent for some good old fashion duct tape and super glue to put herself back together.   Luckily, she is doing fine and already back on the bike.   Here is a sequence of pictures.  The before, the race, the after.


Race: Modesto Road Race
Pro 1/2
Course:  72 miles.  8 laps of a 9 mile loop.  
Date: Saturday 5/21
Riders:  Robert Terra

Fun race.   Flat, fast and hot.

Lots of attacks from the gun.   A break of 3 riders got up the road early on in the race.   Bob bridged up to the break.  Each rider was willing to work to make it stick.  The break put one minute into the field.  As you know, riding a break can be very hard.   Each rider takes a pull for anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 minute with a constant rotation.  Rarely is there time to recover before the rider is back on the front for another effort.   Luckily, we have Bob on our team and for some reason, he loves to pull out the big sword and ride breaks all day long.   We may need to get him in to see a psychiatrist regarding his never ending love for flogging himself (just kidding Bob, we love you)

With one to go, the break came down to 40 seconds as the field was ramping for the catch.  A bit of fear crept into the break assuming they might be swallowed up by the field right before the finish line.   With 1.5 miles to go, Scott Giles (US national champ) attacked the break and rode away for a solo win.  Great effort Scott!  The remaining three riders, including Bob, kept working together and stayed off the front to the line.   Bob won the break sprint for 2nd.   It was another great day for Bob and the team.  

Race: Modesto Road Race
Date: Saturday 5/20
Riders:  Chris Courtney

Great to see Oak Valley Community Bank President, Chris Courtney, out racing.   He placed a solid 24th at the road race.   Well done.  

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