Hensely Road Race

Posted by Timmy Bauer on 2/11/2017
Hi All,

We had Timmy Bauer and Bob Terra race Hensley road race P/1/2 in preparation for the upcoming Chico Stage Race.  Below is Timmy's report.

Hensely Lake Road Race
Timmy Bauer of Williams Cycling 
88 miles 4800 ft of climbing
Riders: Timmy Bauer and Bob Terra
Pro 1/2
After months of preparation, the first road race of my 2017 season had arrived.

After picking up teammate Bob Terra, we headed to the race start in Madera, CA.  It was cold and overcast but no rain in sight.   We pined on our numbers and got a nice warm up in after previewing the finish. After a few words from our USA cycling official we were off.   There was a strange mix of different teams.  One team had 6 riders so we needed to keep an eye on them as they had the size to potentially control the race.   Bobby and I played the first few laps smart by watching and only following the moves that we thought could be threats. On the third lap I decided to throw down and attack the field after the main climb on the course.   I got off the front and was making it across to the two leaders. On part of the course there was mud and sand washed onto the road and I hit that section and then immediately felt a problem with my rear tire. I had punctured off the front.    I had to wait for the field to pass and then the follow car to arrive and change my wheel.  
I made a quick wheel change, remounted and was off chasing the field by myself.   It's a lonely and exhausting experience to chase the field after a flat.  

I chased and chased for miles.    I finally made contact with the field right before a difficult  headwind section of the course. I moved up and told Bobby I was back and what had happened.   I told Bob to take it easy as I would ride to help him.  After putting in this big effort to make it back to the field,  my thoughts were "man, your day might be done but you can still help bobby". After completing that lap, we had 6 more 9 mile laps to go.  Sure enough,  a strong attack came from two guys I knew were threats to win the race. I did everything possible to go with this move.    I barely made their wheels over the big climb. We instantly got a gap!   There was still a lingering group of 4 riders up the road that attacked when I flatted.    I was in the second group with two old teammates Cole Davis a local Cat 1 & Leo Yip the Hong Kong National TT champion. We started working together and closed the gap to the 4 riders up the road.   With 5 to go we were now a group of 7 off the front.
At this point our group was struggling.  There were 3 guys from one team and 4 from different teams.   At 4 laps to go, I threw down a move to shake out the guys that were not helping in the rotation. Leo and Cole were able to respond and the three of us continued forward.  To my amazement, I could see two more riders up the road.  I realized that was not in the remaining front group after all.  I was in the second group of 3 trying to chase down the 2 leaders. This often happens in road racing.  There was so much chaos going on with my flat and chasing, that I missed a couple riders who got off the front.   With 3 to go we made the connection and were now the lead group of 5 riders.  With 2 laps to go, others in the break looked like they were hurting.   I was still feeling pretty good, so coming  into to the feed climb I tested the waters and attacked. It did not stick.   Once on the flats we were back together.  We continued to ride hard and with 1 lap to go we were down to 4. I was feeling great and attacked again.   Again, it did not work.   We came to the final big climb. Cole and the Sqaudra rider attacked hard and left me and Leo with a gap to close. Leo tried but couldn’t get anywhere and with a mile left I threw in everything I had left to try and make it back as I was there to race for the win and not third.
No matter how hard I pushed my peddles I couldn’t make it back and with 500 meters Leo jumped me for third. I was so close to the win.  Looking back,  I committed to early and learned that patients when in a move of 5 riders is key. There is no doubt in my mind that I had the legs to win.   A little bad luck and a few tactical mistakes kept me off the top step of the podium. In the end, 4th overall at my first road race of the year was a good result for the team.    It was great getting to share this race with my team mate Bobby and my family.    Even though I didn’t win I am ecstatic to be able to over come a flat, make it to the winning break and hold on for 4th.  This performance gives me confidence for the races to come and confirmed that all the hard work I have been doing in the off season is paying off.

I want to thank all my sponsors for making this happen.   What a way to start off my road season! 

Thanks for reading :)
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