Golden State Criterium and Circuit Race

Posted by on 5/8/2017
As you know by now, this endeavor was born from the desire to create a healthy atmosphere for athletes that want to be part of something that is larger than themselves.   Never underestimate the power of a team.

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." ...

Amazing two days of racing the Golden State criterium and circuit race.  So thankful to have a great group of people who happen to be very fast on a bike and sponsors who make it happen.  

Saturday:  Golden State Criterium.
Race:  Pro/1/2
Riders:  Timmy Bauer, Josh Carling, Bob Terra, Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Sam Hill
Race Length:  75 minutes

Note:  The Golden State weekend race series includes a two day overall champion and points champion.   The overall champion would be the best placed rider of two days.   The points champion would be who collected the most sprint points during the two days of racing.   Day 1 was a criterium (1 mile loop) , day two was a circuit course (2.3 miles).  Williams had a full display tent and team tent location on the course for day one.  Team tent for day two plus we did a full team photo shoot at the race.  

Criterium:  The plan.  Have Bob and Timmy race very aggressive.   Get into every move and see what happens.  If a move sticks, win out of the break.  If all breaks come back, the Tufts brothers will lead Josh and Sam out for the win!  

The race:  Teams win races, individuals do not!   Bob and Timmy took turns hoping from break to break.  We were represented in every move.  Eventually, Timmy got into a four man break that put 25 seconds in the field. Timmy was committed to make it stick.  Eventually, a second break started with Bob attached.  The two breaks merged together which put two of our riders in position to win.   As the laps ticked down, the break tired and slowly came back to the field.   I think the break was caught with just a few laps to go.  With two to go, the Tufts brothers brought Josh and Sam to the front.   With one to go, Kevin hit the gas on the back stretch and put the entire peloton into single file all the way down the back stretch.   At two turns to go, Matt took over a dropped off Josh and Sam at the final turn.   Josh did what Josh does and absolutely HAMMERED the sprint for the win.   Josh put three bike lengths into second place.  Sam came across 8th. There is a video of the sprint at Williams Cycling Instagram's awesome.

Bob's aggressive riding put him in the lead for the sprinters jersey. Josh was in position for the overall and took the win on day one.   I attached a nice pic of the team debriefing after the race.   We were all happy indeed.   Podium picture attached.

Josh.  P/1/2 crit win

Post race debriefing

Sunday:  Golden State Circuit race.
Race:  Pro/1/2
Riders:  Josh Carling, Bob Terra, Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Sam Hill
Race Length:  75 minutes

Circuit:  The plan.   Get Josh the win and overall title.   Get Bob more sprint points and the sprint jersey overall.  

Bob was in an all out war to keep the green jersey.   Bob used every trick in the book to collect sprint points as the race developed.   During one of the prime sprints, four riders slipped off the front.   The four riders were down on the overall classification and not considered a threat.   The peloton let them go and they eventually built up a lead and stayed off the front to the end.   Given the the four man break would take places one through four, the battle would be for fifth.  We knew that in order to win the overall, Josh would have to win the field sprint and bring Sam with him to the line.   We wanted both Josh and Sam on the podium for the overall.   Bob, Kevin and Matt led out the peloton with one mile to go.   The Tufts brothers dropped off Josh and Sam at the final chicane.  Again, Josh dropped the hammer and won the field sprint for fifth and Sam followed in seventh.  

The result:   Josh Carling wins day one and the overall.  Bob wins the sprinters jersey.  Sam finishes 7th overall.    The Tufts brothers once again are the unsung heroes of the weekend.  Timmy missed Sunday's race but was a huge contributor to Saturdays success.  

Josh wins the overall

Bob wins the sprinters jersey

Kristen Hill:   Two days of solid racing.  Let's just say, in a street fight, Kristen will be the last standing.  On Saturday, she raced the women's 3/4/5 race and men's 3 race.   Sunday she raced the men's 4/5 race.    I really enjoy watching her determination and lack of fear to bump elbows with the boys.   Well done Kristen.  

That's 22 podiums and counting!    

The Elite team in Pearl Izume Mach 5 Skinsuits

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