Getting ready for Chico Stage Race

Posted by on 2/21/2017
No racing last weekend....thank goodness!☔☔☔☔☔

ON DECK:  Chico Stage Race   Feb 24/25/26.  Chico Stage Race has quickly become one of the most important early season stage races on the west coast.   Many top pro women and men teams use this race to kick off their 2017 season. 


How Williams will position for this race?   We have decided not to race the Pro/1 category.  Big budget teams such as Rally Pro Cycling, Jelly Belly Pro Cycling, Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling etc... have too much fire power for our team.   Rather than get lost in the pack racing for 30th, we plan to divide and win in other important race categories.

Part 1.   Bob Terra, Sam Hill and Timmy Bauer will enter the Cat 2 event.  I believe we have a chance to win the overall race with Timmy.   Timmy has shown incredible fitness this time of the year.  Quite frankly, as long as there are no disasters, Timmy will win the overall.   This does not mean Sam and Bob can't win the overall.    We have the potential to win multiple stages and put all three in the top five overall.  

Part 2.   Josh Carling, Kevin Tuft and Matt Tuft will enter the Masters 35+ 1/2/3 event.  Josh will go in as the heavy favorite to win the circuit and criterium races.  If the legs are feeling good, Josh could place high in the road and TT race putting him on the podium for the overall.   The Tuft bothers will be there to keep Josh out of trouble.  

Kristen Hill.   Kristen will take on the W 3/4 race.  With Kristen's fitness coming up, a stage race is the perfect fit.   Look for Kristen to hold her power and wear out her opponents as the stages click by and other riders fatigue.  

Keith Williams and Josh Geiszler.  Josh and I will leave first thing Friday morning and arrive in Chico in time for the circuit race.   I will act as director of both squads and Josh will be the team mechanic.  

We will have a couple team tents and full display of Williams products etc... 

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