Folsom Winter Criterium

Posted by on 2/6/2017
The team was out racing in full force last weekend.

First Race:  Cat 2/3

Riders:  Sam Hill, Bob Terra, Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Timmy Bauer

Plan:  Keep the race together and set up Sam Hill for the sprint.  Bob and Timmy would cover all breaks and the Tuft brothers would protect Sam.

Bob and Timmy rode a very aggressive race covering every move. In fact we did so much work on the front, we may have discouraged other teams from helping us control the race.   In other words, many of the teams sat back and let us do too much work controlling the race.   We received a lot of publicity from the race announcer due to our aggressive riding style, but in the end we used up too much energy and did not save enough bullets in the chamber.  The race got away from us with a few laps to go and we were only able to get Sam a 6th place.   The season is very young and our riders are still learning about each others riding style.   We surely showed the race organizers and other racers we were the strong team but tactically we made a couple mistakes.   Our team is strong and we will make the adjustments quickly.

Second Race:  Pro/1/2

Riders:  Josh Carling, Sam Hill, Bob Terra, Kevin Tufts, Matt Tufts, Timmy Bauer

Plan: Five of our six racers had previously raced the 2/3 race and were a bit tired.   Josh Carling was fresh so we allowed Josh to float and race as he wanted.  The plan was to get Josh in a good break and then win the race out of the break.  Josh is a national level sprinter so getting him in a break with a smaller group played into our hands. 

The race was very aggressive from the gun.   Lots of attacks. Finally, a break went including our rider Kevin Tufts.   This break was eventually caught and a reshuffle took place.  Josh and Kevin made the next break of around 7riders.  This break proved to be the move of the day.   We were very happy because we had our top sprinter in the break.      The break was so strong it lapped the field.   This was not what we wanted.  The peleton was back together which made the race confusing because the riders in the break were a lap up so we had to once again go to the front and try to control how the finish would play out.   In the end, three riders slipped off the front (including two in the break and one lap up).   Josh ended up unleashing his powerful sprint and placed 4th with Sam Hill following in 10th.     Given that this was a second race for most of the team, I was very happy with fitness levels this early in the season.

Women's Cat 3, Women's Open 1/2/3

Riders:  Kristen Hill

Plan: Get more miles in the legs, and focus on mid season form.  After a many years hiatus from racing, Kristen continues to build fitness with plans to be flying by mid season.   Kristen looked very strong all day!

Sunday: Red Kite Criterium

Race:  Cat 2

Rider:  Bob Terra

Bob decided to race Red Kite on Sunday to get more work in the legs ahead of Chico Stage Race.   The idea was to race hard, have fun, not be concerned with results and get miles in the legs.   Bob placed 18th.
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