Folsom Spring Criterium

Posted by on 5/29/2017
Race:  Folsom Criterium
Date: 5/27/2017
Event:  P/1/2
Length:  60 minutes, 1 mile course shaped like a "D"
Racers:  Josh Carling, Timmy Bauer, Bob Terra, Sam Hill, Kevin and Matt Tufts

The plan:   The team believed a break could succeed on this course.  Therefore, we had to be both aggressive and attentive.  Our goal was to be represented in every break.  If the break sticks, win out of the break.  If the race comes down to a field sprint, lead Josh and Sam out for the win.  We had Bob, Kevin and Matt committed to attacking and/or covering all moves.  We kept Josh and Sam fresh in the peleton and had Timmy ready to put in major work at the front incase we needed to bring a break back

Guess what?  Every team had the same plan.   The attacks started from the gun.   Not one break was sticking because each attack was countered by the ENTIRE FIELD sprinting to bring it back.   This typically leads to very fast and hard racing.   My experience has been when racing is this hard, riders tire after about 20 minutes.   Typically, 20 to 30 minutes is when the elastic band snaps and the real race starts.  Sure enough, at the 1/2 way mark (12 laps to go), a group of 6 riders got up the road including our rider Bob Terra.   Our formula was in place.   If the break sticks, Bob would try and win.   If the break comes back, Josh and Sam would go for the field sprint win.  

Bob was committed to the break.  For the next 11 laps, the break had 30 seconds on the field.  All was looking good for Bob to win out of the break.   But, as what can happen often in bike racing, the break started playing games and not driving the pace.  The field came up fast and literally caught the break with 150 feet to the finish line.  Bob watched Josh fly by him for the win with 100 feet to go.   Josh did was Josh does and unleashed a massive sprint to win the race.

Another great effort from the team. 

Results:  1st.  Josh Carling,  9th Sam Hill, 10th Bob Terra, 23rd Kevin Tufts, 34th Matt Tufts  

Note:  Timmy was run off the course.  He had to bunny Hop a curb and go off the course in order to stay upright.  The good news is that when he stopped, a fan handed him a beer and said "Enjoy" which he did!

Josh on the top podium. 

Bob always on the attack

Timmy leading Josh around the corner

Race:  Folsom Criterium
Date: 5/27/2017
Event:  Men 4/5
Course: 1 mile course shaped like a "D"
Racers:  Kristen Hill
Place:  33 out of 65 racers

So, I'm thinking Kristen enjoys swapping elbows with the men these days.  A warrior attitude for sure.  I love her heart and drive.   Kristen had a solid day finishing with the peloton after a hard and fast race. 

Kristen mixing it up with the boys.

NOTE:   Don't forget about this Sunday's Lodi Cylefest Criterium Race in downtown Lodi.   We will have three tents setup for our team and sponsors.   If you have the time, come down and say hi!   Here is a link to the details.

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