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Endura SLC

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  • OCR - Ultra-light, strong, oversized carbon rails
  • Flex-tuned carbon injected composite shell
  • Superlight foam padding
  • Imported Italian microfiber cover
  • CFD Contour Fit Design
  • Stunning graphic design in black or white
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Constructed using only the highest quality materials, Williams combines strong, ultralight full carbon rails, next generation superlight padding and elegant yet durable Italian microfiber covers to create some of the most impressive saddles on the market. With their light weight and heightened durability these saddles are engineered to meet the demands of professional racers, while their ergonomic designs provide all day comfort for any rider.

Looking for a high end saddle with a curved profile? Look no further. The Endura SLC features the Williams Contour Fit Design (CFD) and that means two things for the rider: First, the upward sloping rear of the saddle and dropping nose cradle the rider in one position. If you prefer to feel planted in one position as opposed to changing locations on the saddle this is the design for you. Second, it means a cutaway center channel to increase blood flow, and improved bloodflow equals more comfort, so you can be focused on your riding instead of your contact points.

The Endura SLC also features thicker than standard padding, which makes for a plusher ride on the road and also means the Endura SLC is the perfect choice for cyclocross and MTB. And because we're committed to the Super Light Concept the Endura still checks in at only 184g.

270 X 135mm
NCCR Nano construction
carbon rails
9 x 7mm
Carbon injected composite
Imported Italian microfiber
Superlight PU foam

Only to be used with carbon rail compatible seatposts. Because the OCR rails have a 9x7mm ovalized profile seatclamps that close horizontally are not compatible, nor are seatclamps with sharp edges that may damage the carbon.

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