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Posted by on 8/23/2017
Kristen Hill

I would also like to give a shout out to the great Kristen Hill.   Kristen has wrapped up her racing season and begun her base training for 2018.  She really had a break-out year.   If I may be so bold, I believe she outperformed her highest expectations.   This sport is known to change peoples lives.  I think we have a perfect example of this with Kristen.   Well done. 

Timmy Bauer

Interesting News!   Timmy Bauer was chosen to be an Ambassador for Pearl Izumi.   He will write blogs, test clothing and smash the social media for our clothing sponsor.   Congrats Timmy.    Here is a link to Timmy's first blog post


Also, here is a link to The Mountain Democrat Newspaper article on Timmy and our team.


Event: Dunnigan Hills Rad Race
Riders: Josh Carling, Kevin Tufts and Timmy Bauer.

Dunnigan Hills is a hot 90 mile road race.  The race is part of the Premier series.   What's that?  It's a series of races throughout the season.  Riders accumulate points and an overall series champion is awarded at the end.   Josh is currently in second overall.  Our goal was to get him more points.

The race was your typical hot, abusive, last man standing kinda day!   I was coming off step throat and far from healthy but I knew I had to be there for Josh.   I rode the front of the race for 50 miles working with a few others setting a fast pace to discourage attacks.   I finally cracked and pulled the plug.  Kevin and Josh were fresh.   My job was done so I rolled into the feed zone and attempted to recover. 

With 10 to go, a small group of two got off the front and stayed away.  Josh attempted to bridge but could not cross the gap.   Josh ended with a 4th overall and on the podium.  Kevin came in behind Josh.  Both Kevin and Josh rode well and delivered a good day of racing for the team.  I, on the other hand, will live to fight another day.  

Thanks for reading,

Timmy B

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