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Posted by on 2/28/2017
Hi All,

"Athletic competition clearly defines the unique power of our attitude"

Bart Starr

I love this quote.  Attitude and approach is everything with regard to athletic competition and life.

Chico stage race is the start to the domestic bicycle racing scene.   This race offers multiple stages and an opportunity for teams to fine tune their fitness and teamwork skills.

At Williams, we decided to take a split team approach.   Our young bucks Timmy Bauer, Sam Hill and Bobby Terra would race the Cat 2's and our older, more experienced riders Josh Carling, Matt Tuft and Kevin Tuft would race the Masters 35+ 1/2/3.  Kristen Hill would race the  Women's 3/4 category. 

Masters 35 35+ 1/2/3

Stage One: Thunder Hill Raceway 2 mile circuit race.

What can I say, Josh won the race by destroying everyone in the field sprint by five bike lengths.   This put Josh in the leaders Jersey (pic attached)  A great first race win for the team.   The hidden and underlying story is all about the Tuft brothers.   In cycling, you can't win unless you have a supporting cast who is willing to commit everything of themselves to get the team leader in position to win the race.   Kevin and Matt chased every break down, kept Josh safe and dropped him off in position to win the race.   To create and execute a plan is a rewarding experience.

Stage Two:   Paskenta 90 miles rolling road race with a four mile gravel section per lap.  

Repeat of the circuit race.  The Tuft brothers did the job of six riders by chasing every break down and controlling the race.   Josh was on his own leading into the difficult final seven miles to the finish line   One rider attacked the peloton and was strong enough to stay away for the win.  Josh was second in the filed sprint for 3rd. (pic attached)

Stage Three:   Eight mile time trial

The Tuft brothers job was to save energy and go easy during the TT.   Josh went hard and placed 8th.

Stage Four:   Chico downtown criterium  six corner fast course

Awesome race to watch.   In the end, two riders escaped the peloton and stayed away for first and second.   Josh won the field sprint for 3rd.  

Summary:  Josh Carling was on the podium three out of four races and wore the overall leaders jersey after stage one.   Josh finished 7th overall. 
Category 2 race

Stage One: Thunder Hill Raceway 2 mile circuit race.

The plan:   Protect our team leader, TImmy Bauer.   Put Bobby in as many breaks as possible to force other teams to work hard and use precious energy controlling the race.   If there is a field sprint at the end, setup Sam for the win.

Bobby ended up going solo for many laps.  He showed some serious heart and power.  Eventually, Bobby was caught by the peloton which led to a counter attack.   Three riders went up the road a stayed away to take 1st thru 3rd.  Timmy stayed safe and finished with the field.

Stage Two:   Paskenta 90 miles rolling road race with a 4 mile gravel section per lap.  

Timmy rode a heck of a race.  This was a race of attrition with only a handful of riders remaining in the front group  at the end.  Timmy placed 7th.  Sam (17 years old) had a fantastic race.   He stayed with the best through 70 miles only to be popped off the back through a very difficult section of the course.   It's always great to see a young,  up and coming talent have a great day on the bike.  

Stage Three:   Eight mile time trial

Sam and Bobby went easy to conserve for the criterium.  Timmy let it fly and placed 13th which moved him up to 11th overall going into the final stage. 

Stage Four:   Chico downtown criterium    Six corner fast course
Final stage.   We were not going to get Timmy on to the general classification podium so we decided to try and blow the criterium race apart by means of  "shock and awe".   The boys put on a show!   Massive kudos to Bobby Terra who spent most of the race off the front in groups of two or three riders.   The kid kept attacking and attacking.  He showed heart and talent.   Timmy and Sam both took turns attacking after Bobby would be reeled back in by the peloton.  There was not a moment when Williams was not attacking and making the race incredibly hard for all.   The very end was awesome.   Bobby took a flyer with a half a lap to go and almost made it to the line. He was caught with 100 meters to go.  Sam Hill (known as the silent assassin) had a break out race showing he can attack and ride the front with the best.

Summary:   Timmy placed 11th overall.   We proved that a small team of three riders can race hard, fire up the crowds and create an entertaining experience for the fans. 
Women's 3/4

Stage One:  Paskenta 45 mile road race.

Kristen Hill.   We all know that Kristen's fitness has been on the upswing over the last couple months.   Well, she proved it today.   Kristen bridged the gap from the peloton to the front breakway on her own.   She stayed with the break all the way to the difficult gravel section of Paskenta.   She held on for an impressive 19th.

Stage Two:  Downtown Criterium

Another big stage for Kristen.   After a hard fought road race, there is always a concern in the back of a riders head if they went  too hard on the previous stage and will there be anything left in the tank for the next stage.   Kristen attacked the field with 2 laps to go! So yeah, her legs were good.  She couldn't make it stick for the win but showed herself and the crowds that she was here to win!   I loved watching the race.

Stage Three:  TT

A solid 16th place effort which put her 16th overall for the stage race.
Summary:  Chico stage race was a huge success for the team riders and sponsors.   The riders had a great time and put on a great show for the fans. We received tons of publicity from the announcers all weekend.  I believe the race organizers loved our aggressive, all for one and one for all, approach to racing bicycles.  

On deck:  The famous Snelling road race.   3/4/2017

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