Cal Aggie Criterium

Posted by on 1/30/2017

Race:  Cal Aggie Criterium

Master's 35+ 1,2,3.
Our sprinting star Josh Carling took the win in a two up sprint against national legend Mike Sayers.  Kevin and Matt Tufts did their jobs by protecting Josh during the race.   First race, first win for the team.

Women's 3/4/5 and P/1/2/3
Kristen Hill showed off her fitness by racing aggressive all day. Her hard work during the off season will pay off big in 2017.

Men's P/1/2
It's always interesting to see where team fitness level is early in the season.   Riders train all winter but they really don't know where they are until the whistle blows and it's time to race.   Well, our boys did their training homework and it showed Saturday.

Bob Terra showed some series fitness by making three of the four breaks of the day.  The last was a two up break that latest 7 laps only to be chased down with 1/2 to go.  This played perfectly into our sprinters hands as we did not have to chase the break.  The Tuft brothers put our sprinters Josh Carling and Sam Hill at the front going into the last couple laps.   Our strong man, Timmy Bauer sat comfortably in the top 10 all day.   In the end, we put both Josh and Sam in the top 10 and Timmy in 11th.

All in all, Saturday was a big success for the team. 
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