Boise Twilight Criterium - National Racing Calander Event

Posted by on 7/31/2017

Let's go BIG TIME!   Boise Twilight Criterium.  This race is a national classic and part of the USA Pro Racing Calendar.  Over 20,000 fans come out to watch the event in downtown Boise.  $15,000 purse on the line and multiple pro teams show up to take their share of the winnings..   There are two major races.  Race one is a Cat 1/2 event and race 2 is a Pro/1 event.   Timmy Bauer raced the Cat 1/2.   Bob Terra and Josh Carling raced the Pro/1 event.

  • Cat 1/2 Race.    As of now, I don't have the details other the TIMMY WON THE RACE.   From what I understand, Timmy out sprinted three other riders at the line to pull off the victory.   By far the biggest win of young Timmy's career.   Check out the podium and interview pics attached.   It was a great day for Timmy, his family and the race team.
  • Pro 1 Race.   Despite racing against full time professional bike racers, Josh was going for a podium finish and Bob as looking to get in a dangerous break and take home some primes.  Mind you, we are a tiny amateur team made up of 6 riders from California throwing elbows with some of the best criterium racers in the world. 
    • Once again, I don't have all the details.  Here is what I know.   Bob and Josh were in perfect position with 9 laps to go.  A crash happened and Josh was involved.  Bob just missed it and kept on going.  All the riders caught up in the crash were given a free lap and pushed back in by the referees with 8 laps to go.  Guess what, at 8 laps to go there are no more free laps.  Josh and Bobby worked their way up to the front with one to go.   Both riders were flying.  Into the final turn, Josh was banging bars at the tip of the race arrow.  Josh came across in 8th followed by Bob farther back.   WOW, an incredible result for the team.   But wait, the story is not over.   The referees, huddled together and decided that since the crash was at lap 9 and the impacted riders were pushed in on the 8th lap, technically, they were not supposed to get a free lap and would be relegated a lap down.  This decision impacted Josh and a couple of high profile professional athletes.  As you can imagine, chaos ensued and protests were flying.   Since we were the small fish on the block, we sat back and let the judges duke it out with the big pro teams.  In the end, the relegation stood and Josh was placed farther back.  Bob was moved up to 11th which is a wonderful performance by a 20 year old kid.   Despite being relegated down a lap (this one will smart for awhile) the team rode an incredible race

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