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Axiom SLC

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  • OCR - Ultra-light, strong, oversized carbon rails
  • Flex-tuned carbon injected composite shell
  • Superlight foam padding
  • Imported Italian microfiber cover
  • Stunning graphic design in black or white
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Constructed using only the highest quality materials, Williams combines strong, ultralight full carbon rails, next generation superlight padding and elegant yet durable Italian microfiber covers to create some of the most impressive saddles on the market. With their light weight and heightened durability these saddles are engineered to meet the demands of professional racers, while their ergonomic designs provide all day comfort for any rider.

Axiom - noun \ˈak-sē-əm\: a self-evident truth. We didn't take the naming of this saddle lightly. We've designed what we believe to be nothing more, and nothing less, than the new star of the peloton. Williams OCR rails are bonded to a flex-tuned, carbon injected shell that's shaped to be the perfect road platform. The flared, flat profile of the saddle firmly supports a rider's sit-bones, while the tapered nose reduces friction for an uninhibited pedal stroke, and helps keep the weight of the saddle to a featherlight 159g.

With the Italian microfiber cover your saddle will look as good as it feels. We use this imported material because it's designed to be supple and to provide excellent grip. And what does this mean for you? No cheap, plasticy composite covers, no slipping around, just the nicest cover material money can buy, with unrivaled ride quality and Italian styling to boot.

275 X 132mm
NCCR Nano construction
carbon rails
9 x 7mm
Carbon injected composite
Imported Italian microfiber
Superlight PU foam
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