Auburn Downtown Criterium

Posted by on 6/27/2017

Auburn Downtown Criterium
Date:  6/25/2017

Race: Pro 1,2

Team: Timmy Bauer, Josh Carling, Matt Tufts, Kevin Tufts


After a fun Saturday training with teammates, we showed up to the Auburn Criterium pumped and ready for some racing. Josh has raced very well in the past here so we came into this race with some confidence.


The eight corner course was a very technical with a solid climb, head wind section, and a fast decent. The course suited our team.   I followed the first move after 12 minutes of hard racing.    The break included me, a specialized rider (Taylor King) and an A-Main rider (Bob Lander). I did not commit to this move right away as I wanted to get a feel for who was willing to work and who would just sit on.    The next lap I noticed the peloton had hesitated. I put in some effort and ripped the descent.   I heard we had 15 seconds so sour break went harder. Right after we increased the pace we dropped the A-Main rider. It was two of us with just over 35 minutes to go.   I heard we had now reached 30 seconds on the field so I kept the hammer down. At this point I was pulling 90% per lap while Taylor from specialized was struggling to hold my wheel.   We were losing momentum. Eventually, we lapped one of my teammate who yelled out some timely encouragement and to race smart. 


With around 20 minutes to go I heard that Tory Phillips from Marc Pro was bridging solo to our two man break.  We only had 20 seconds to the main field at this point.  I let up just enough to insure he made the bridge as I knew I could not go on alone and Taylor, my original break mate, was suffering just to hang on my wheel. When Tory crossed the gap to our two man break, he immediately attacked.   I responded with ease and took a look over at him letting him know I was there and not ready to quit.  We started taking pulls working good together. After a lap or so we increased our gap over the field and dropped the specialize rider.   I was feeling good and we pushed our gap to 50 seconds over the main field in just a few laps.


With 4 laps to go, I was struggling but maintained my position.  Tory went all in with a monster attack and I just could not respond.  Tory held a 5 second gap to me.   I continued to push. With 2 laps left I heard we had 51 seconds over the field.  Again, I continued to go as hard as possible. I went full gas on the last lap hoping Tory might sit up and enjoy the final straight away for the win.  This was my last shot at sneaking by him for the win.  Tory did in fact sit up and I did try to chase him down but was a bit too far back to nip him at the line.   I was so excited to finish 2nd.   We ended the race with a 40 second lead on the field. This was a hard technical course with some big names including past national champions. 


Josh attacked the field on the last lap and soloed in for 3rd overall. It was awesome.   I was so excited to pull off this result with such a daring move and stick the break from lap 3 in the race.


Huge thank you to my family and teammates for all the support. Also thank you to our sponsors.  You all have helped us achieve so much this year! Excited for what's to come as the season is only at its half way point! Thanks for reading

Timmy Bauer 

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